[21x01] February 2nd, 2014

[21x01] February 2nd, 2014

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Was fantastic, then the fucking TG comedy started.
I covet Mays XR2i.
KickAss music.
It was good until the SIARPC, which I usually skip. Did so today and wish I hadn't watched the rest of the episode because I went from this: :D to this: :blink:
As someone who drives and has been around old hot hatchbacks for a good while I think they had the worst choices of cars. You can find old hatchbacks that will wipe the table with all 3 in the show. Though after seeing the whole episode proving old hatchbacks are good was hardly the point now was it...
Well, I'm not one for the Top Gear scripted comedy explosion thingy, but I still laughed a lot and had fun. 7/10 for me ;-)
It started OK, the news was good and the SIRPC was entertaining but it all flagged later on, basically they should have spent about half the time that they did on the hatchbacks and did another piece on something else - a review would be nice I think. Still, for me it scrapped an 8, but only just.
The Final Gear Emos will be out in full force but I bet the vast majority of families watching it together had a good time doing so. Which in the end is a good chunk of the overall viewers.

I prefer a more serious Top Gear, but I can't fault them for getting silly for the masses. It happens every year, nothing new.

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It started good with a cheap car challenge, and it was actually pretty good until the last segment.
I just really don't care for the explosions and the silly scripted stuff.

All in all I gave it a 7.
the news was funny but the car challegen/test for this ep got really stupid towards the end
I enjoyed the part when they did the 80's tricks with the cars and also the first bit was quite good, the rest of it was quite annoying and the end was just rubbish. 5 for me but it seems the rest of the series is more promising so let's see.
i gave it 10/10 because i was starving for a new episode :tvhappy:
First car segments were funny, especially the supermarket bit, even though it was somewhat tired. News, eh. Star, eh. Last car segment was just crap.

5/10. Fortunately the rest looks better.
First half was definitely better than the second. I've been jonesing for a cheap car challenge and it made me laugh, so I'm giving it a 7.
Last 15 minutes ruined the whole lot, as well as Hammond's unashamed fawning over the guest. I know some things are supposed to be about suspension of disbelief, but this took it WAY too far.

Agreed. I can deal with some scripting -- it makes the show more funny. This went into the realm of rediculous though which is a shame as I was really enjoying everything before the police segment. Not that that was necessarily bad either (I enjoyed all the machinery) but I dunno, too silly I guess.
Aww, the whole show felt very scripted. I don't mind it when they do that but it just ruins the fun of the show. Overall though, I did enjoy some parts like the musical chairs and the first 15 minutes was just good old top gear (comparing and making fun of each other's choice of car, the trailer, the first challenge) until it started to go downhill.

I accidentally clicked on 8, but I was meaning to give it a 7, but oh well. Happy that it's back.
Devoting an entire episode to a cheap car challenge is somewhat out of character for Top Gear.

While I have nothing bad to say about it, a 7 minute road test of something bonkers would go a long way.....
This episode clearly wasn't aimed at a FinalGear type audience so it is no good trying to judge it as such. The first half was more interesting than the end. They had an interesting selection of cars, it would have been interesting to hear more about what they are actually like. The Ford in particular is forgotten to history in the shadow of the Golf GTi.

Right. I suppose I would have enjoyed it more if I were 13-years-old, because based on this episode alone, that's their new target audience.