22 dead in Va. Tech shooting rampage

I don't know what that means, but I hope it's something like "Go sit on a flagpole, you little shit."
Yeah, please take your insults and snide comments elsewhere.

On the bright side, I got this information from a friend of mine today. Names have been changed to protect identities. The people I knew on that campus are safe, but I still keep those who weren't so fortunate in my thoughts.

Dear all,

I would like to share with you the outstanding act of bravery that took place today in Norris Hall. Without this wonderful courage the list of victims would have been longer with several Computer Science students. This is the story I've learned from Mary and Jennifer.

Mary, our CS Ph.D. student, was substitute-teaching CS 4414 in 205 Norris Hall this morning. Around 9:45 very loud noises were heard from the corridor. Mary and one student went outside to see what was happening. What they saw was a young men with a gun exiting a classroom. As soon as he saw them he pointed the gun to them (and shot at them but missed). Mary and the student ran quickly back in the classroom and closed the door after them; Mary told the students to lay down; three men from the classroom rushed to the door and held it closed. The killer tried several times to force-enter the 205 classroom. He then shot two bullets through the door inside the classroom. Fortunately these bullets did not hit anybody inside. The killer gave up and went on to other classrooms ...

Mary and all the students in CS 4414 are safe.
This is a complete tragedy, my thoughts & prayers are with the deceased & their friends and families left behind. I've an orange t-shirt layed out for tomorrow to pay my respects to those who have passed away.

I hope people commenting in this thread may take heed to this ...

A Dhia, bronn orm suaimhneas chun glacadh leis na rudai nach f?idir liom a athr?, misneach chun na rudai a athr? is f?idir liom, agus ciall chun an difriocht a aithint.
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference

Ar dheis D? go raibh siad.
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I'm glad your friends are okay.

I'm just sorry the miserable bastard who did this shot himself. Sure it saved us a bunch of money but I still think there would be a line around the block to throw the switch on him.
I don't post here very often, but I feel as though I need to add this in here. First off, I had friends that attended VT, and that campus is only 3 hours from my house, so it hits close to home. Second, I am appalled by how some of the individuals here can act so immature and without remorse. I find it very odd how so many of you can show your support and thoughts for Richard Hammond during his accident, then when innocent young adults and adults alike are killed and wounded, NOTHING happens. You crack "jokes" that are offensive to the victims and their family members of this event. Your responses are shameful to your character and the country you represent. You should be ashamed of who you are based on your actions and responses to this horrific event.
The following poem was part of the convocation held at Tech this afternoon, and I felt it was especially reflective of the sentiment I gather from people i've talked to who were on campus.

We are Virginia Tech
We are sad today
We will be sad for quite a while
We are not moving on
We are embracing our mourning
We are Virginia Tech
We are strong enough to stand tall tearlessly
We are brave enough to bend and cry, and sad enough to know that we must laugh again.
We are Virginia Tech
We do not understand this tragedy
We know we did nothing to deserve it
But neither does a child in Africa dying of AIDS
Neither do the invisible children walking the night away to avoid being captured by a rogue army,
Neither does the baby elephant who watches his community be devastated for ivory
Neither does the Mexican child looking for fresh water
Neither does the Appalachian infant killed in the middle of the night in his crib, in the house his father built with his own hands, being run over by a boulder, because the land was destabilized.
No one deserves a tragedy.
We are Virginia Tech.
The Hokie Nation embraces our own and reaches out with open heart and hand to those who offer their hearts and minds.
We are strong and brave and innocent and unafraid
We are better than we think, and not quite what we want to be
We are alive to the imagination and to the possibility we will continue to invent the future.
Through our blood and tears
Through all this sadness
We are the Hokies
We will prevail
We WILL prevail
We will prevail
We are Virginia Tech

-- Nikki Giovanni

This week we are all members of the Hokie Nation.

Nikki Giovanni Audio
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^^^^ I saw her on tv, it was awesome.
Wow, I've been reading about this in the paper and online and I just want to say that my heart goes out to all of the "Hokies" that have been directly/indirectly affected by this sheer tragedy.

May you all have the strength to keep up your University's obvious fighting spirit. Move on, but do not forget.
I graduated from VA Tech in 2003. I still have some friends down there and I knew two of the Professors killed although I had only met them a couple of times. I started out as an engineering student so I ran into them at some kind of meet and greet type event.

I can not express how hard it is for me to avoid laying the beatdown on all you political soap-boxers right now.

Seriously, shut the hell up about gun control and take it to the appropriate thread. I'm up for the debate but I'm not going to do it here; this thread is to remember the dead and share our condolences with their friends and family.

You bunch of vultures are no better than the Westboro Baptist Church that protests funerals for political gain.

Changing gears for a moment: This story recently came to my attention.


That is one of the two professors that I knew although only in passing. I started of wanting to go into the aeronautical engineering but ended up in ME instead. I met him at some orientation thing and saw him in campus at a few other events.


Looks like he emailed his wife right before he died. Must have had a blackberry or something on him.
New Development:
The gunman who massacred 32 at Virginia Tech university posted to NBC news on the day the shootings a video on which he read a ?rambling and profanity-laced? manifesto of grievances, and digital photographs of him brandishing weapons.

In another extraordinary development, it also emerged that Cho Seung Hui was declared ?mentally ill? and an ?imminent danger to others? by a judge nearly 18 months before Monday?s attacks.

The package, timestamped in the two-hour window between Monday?s first and second shootings, was sent to NBC News head Steve Capus.


Edit: The asshole's pic has been removed based on the consensus of this forum. Google if you have to...
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I don't know what to say. I've been away from campus for a year and 4 months, yet I feel as if I had been on campus during the event. I feel even worse seeing how downright evil and deranged this person was. 32 people lost their lives as a result of some person who refused to get help, and would prefer to blame innocent people for his problems.

I'm disappointed that something wasn't done before this tragedy happened, as it was clear that he was a known problem before this event. As it has been said, Hindsight is 20/20.

I thank everyone for their show of support, as well as the overwhelming support shown by everyone, from the Internet to College campuses across the world. Everyone in the Hokie Nation thanks you for your thoughts and prayers, especially those who have lost friends and family members.
New Development:


Heartless Bastard

Tune into MSNBC...it's some fucked up/disturbing shit...

Thanks for posting that stuff mates. I don't think I should watch it tonight before bed for some reason. Especially when I'm scouring my old TG eps looking for funny reviews. I'll watch it tomorrow.

edit: I just flipped through MSNBCtv and saw a bit... yeah it's certainly creepy.
That is so fucked up. There is no way you can blame this on any culture, it's just someone with a very very fucked up head and may have happened anywhere he studied.
That is so fucked up. There is no way you can blame this on any culture, it's just someone with a very very fucked up head and may have happened anywhere he studied.

You speak truth. The guy was a wack job. It had nothing to do with where he was from or what school he went to. He did this because he was not right upstairs, at all.