[22x03] February 8th, 2015

[22x03] February 8th, 2015

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Scripted nonsense. Some parts funny but painfully contrived. Only thing that saved it was Daniel, in fact i kept switching channels.
Next week should be epic though: i8, M4, Defender/Dam, and James May in the AMG GT!
Strong contender for worst episode ever. Shame that the decent interview with Ricciardo ended up in this pile of dross.
This is just the cop car challenge again?
Dicky just bought a van. Boring bastard.
May keeps dressing like a 17 year old.
My uncle is an ambulance driver and had his spine fucked when they went over a speed bump.
Jeremy's patient delivery. :lmao:
Too much TG comedy.
The Matiz was on rollers.
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Made me laugh a lot, the fact that its scripted doesn't both me in the slightest as things like this are scripted, a good laugh and Daniel Ricciardo just made Lewis Hamilton's week worst by beating his lap time.
Oh dear. This was India-bad.

The only genuine thing was Hammond mentioning the brake fade on his Chevy Van. They really fade easily.

Not that they catch on fire like that, obviously. :|
I actually really liked this episode, it was silly and scripted a lot but I laughed a lot during it.
They didn't hide that it was many scripted moments and that made it a lot better in my eyes.

It was on par with the Police car challenge, imho it was slightly better actually.

9/10 from me.
Top Gear is a scripted show, as many others. It has slightly worse actors, but still there were parts of it that were amusing. They've put a lot of effort into those cars' mods and into scenography.

Also the Ricciardo's lap-time is astonishing!
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This is one of the better cheap car challenge. Unlike the series 16 with the old BM's. It is definetly scripted, Jeremy couldn't drift that well all the time. But, they seems to enjoy each other in that film.
Yeah, sorry. Not what I want from this show at all.

It's fine having films like these, but this one did not deserve an entire episode dedicated to it.
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I come here more than a little surprised. As someone who is renowned for hating heavily on this type of TG episode I surprised myself by really enjoying it. And I was all geared up to rank this alongside India and the trains fiasco as all time lows.

Unusually for this format they actually looked as if were trying to make a lot of the ideas work, however ridiculous, they were genuinely having fun (instead of pretending to) and even if they played to type as they usually do in these scenarios there was little of that "here's a gag that you can see coming a mile off". Yes the fail was there and of course it was planned but for once it was (mainly) only apparent after the fact and not 10 minutes before.
This was mostly a great episode, reminding me a lot more of their previous success in similar films (amphibious, limos, lorries, vans etc) rather than the mostly cringeworthy comedy themed episodes of late. Scripted yes (obviously) but in a way that wasn't as predictable and cheap as some of those bad ones, and the bits that were the most obviously scripted made me laugh a lot. I'm glad TG has episodes like these when they work properly because the variety is very welcome.


EditL Oh, the SIARPC segment was excellent in every way. Great guest and amazing lap time!
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Aussie Dan was very funny.Loved his answer to "What's the back of Lewis Hamiltons car like ?" :D

That last segment with the ambulance was just horrendous and a waste of time
Episode 2 left me with "is it already over?" feeling. Contrary, in the middle of this episode I actually checked the timecode and though "god, there's still a half left"?

Daniel's F1SIARPC was the only highlight of this episode.

After a shitty week at work, with headaches and a trip to the E.R. due to kidney stones, all I needed was a laugh. And this ep delivered the laughs I needed.

4/10. A bit too silly for me, but some good laughs, also SIARPC was pretty cool. After the first two strong eps, I think it is ok to cater to the people who like these segments once in a while.
Not the best episode ever, but certainly not the worst. The news was funny, the guest was good, and I enjoyed most of the challenge. The end went on a bit too long, but overall, it was good. Kept me entertained, made me laugh, job done.