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23rd of April Online Race


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May 29, 2004

Saturday 23rd of April @ 7pm GMT 0:00 S2 Alpha Demo

General Rules
1. You can only join if you are a serious racer. We are here for fun and we don't need childish wreckers.
2. You need a legal copy of the game. Demo will do for the first couple of races, almost everyone has the full version already. Later on we will be playing the full version online.^
3. If you keep fucking up the race, like forgetting to brake in every corner or anything like that. I'll kick your butt ;-)

Racing Rules

1. If you want to overtake the car in front of you, honk the horn once.
2. If you are being overtaken, go to the either side of the track. just don't be in the way.
3. If you want to let the person behind you know he can overtake you, use the double turn-signal and go to either side of the track.
If you don't have turn-signals mapped, do it.
4. If you see a person behind you that is faster and wants to overtake, let him. Don't ignore him and think you can be faster.
Turn on the blinker and let him pass. You may even want to slow down a bit so you two won't end up in a corner side by side.
5. Don't use other people as a guide-rail in corners. If you can't keep up, don't ruin it for them.
6. If someone accidently hits you and you end up in the grass, don't plan on revenge. Nobody is out to kill your fun.
7. Overtaking in corners is a thing you should decide for yourself, as long as you don't violate rule number 5 it's fine.
Slower cars can take the corner wide so faster people can overtake on the inner side.
8. No alcohol is allowed.
9. Have fun!

15 Teammembers so far!

  • Josty [NL, S1, Mouse]
  • ESPNSTI [US, S1, Mouse]
  • Bihus [PT, S1, Wheel]
  • Mancs [HU, S1, Mouse]
  • MrKrazzy [AU, S1, Wheel]
  • MXM [FI, S1, Wheel]
  • Pdanev [HU, S1, Wheel]
  • Swek [DE, S1, Wheel]
  • SiR_Dude [CA, S1, Mouse]
  • Kip [NL, S1, Wheel]
  • AndyHui [MY, Demo, Mouse]
  • Fblacka [HU, Demo, Wheel]
  • UKD [CA, Demo, Mouse]
  • Renesis [CA, S1, Wheel]
  • Overheat [UK, Demo, Analog]
  • YF19pilot [US, Demo, USB]
I'm not sure if I'll be coming to this race, I have my finals on the next week... I'll let you guys know the day before ;)
Ultra_Kool_Dude said:
What are the chances that this week I'll totally own everyone and win every race...

1 :
:lmao: :lmao: I just know that I'll be slower again. Haven't practised almost anything... Let's see if I can do some laps this week...
I hope I wont forget this week :blush:
UKD said:
What are the chances that this week I'll totally own everyone and win every race...

Goku said:
May I join this week? I know that I can at least beat UKD.

Overheat... I tried it with my PS2 lookalike controller and using the little moving thingy in the middle to play LFS, somehow it wouldn't recognize the gearshifts and all the buttons, I could only steer with the controller, all the buttons didn't work