[23x03] June 12th, 2016

[23x03] June 12th, 2016

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Feb 27, 2009
Ruhr Area, Germany
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What, no thread yet? It is still a better show than its mothership!

So anyway, I enjoyed the third ep. More than the Top Gear ep before it, even though the strongest pieces of the two hosts where pulled into Top Gear this time.

But the "behind the scenes of a Top Gear car review" was really interesting to me (plus I love the Brecon Beacons area since I've been there), and Zoe Lyons was actually a good guest.

It was good stuff and I also rate it 7/10.

It's consistently better than the main program.
Just downloaded and watched it. Rory is a natural, Harris feels a bit wooden (but I know he can do better). As a concept it's different enough from the original (CHM, CE is not original) to have merit. We need more of this and less of CE.
Just binge watched the current three episodes and their extra gear counterparts.

Main show.

Chris Evans should really go back to radio hosting. I accepted his shouting on episode one because I thought he's just very excited of getting but extending to episode 3 but now on episode 3, no. This is not a game show where hosts can shout their prizes for the night.

Matt LeBlanc is a breathe of fresh air from all of Evan's shouting. He has the James May vibe but still needs refinement.

Sabine Schimtz always shouts while driving even back in the CHM times but she needs to use English as most the viewers knows English and not German.

TDF part. Chris is a bit rigid but still nice review of the 250 gt tdf and the new f12 tdf.

Rory is distinctive in his review of the focus rs, civic type r, and the a45 amg.

SIARC. The issue is unlike the CHM seasons it's heavily scripted, and I can't relate to the guests often.

Matt and Ken drifting in London is really a classic. The squealing tires and exhaust sounds are music to my ears.

Extra Gear

It's good to know how Top Gear shoots car reviews.

Zoe Lyons is not bad.