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$280k GT-class Mazda RX-8


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Mazdaspeed Announces $280,000 Grand-Am GT RX-8 Racing Car

Date Posted 11-18-2005

DETROIT ? Mazdaspeed Motorsports Development and Florida-based SpeedSource will produce a Grand American Road Racing Association Rolex Series GT-class Mazda RX-8 that will make its competition debut during the 2006 Grand Am season.

"Developing a Grand AM GT-legal car is the next step in expanding our already successful Grand Am program," said Steve Sanders, manager of Mazdaspeed Motorsports Development, in a statement.

The Grand Am GT RX-8 is based on a tube-frame chassis jointly developed by SpeedSource and Riley Technologies and powered by Mazda's three-rotor 20B rotary engine. A turnkey GT racer from SpeedSource will start at $280,000 and include chassis, full drivetrain and engine management system, suspension, wheels, tires, and bodywork.

Mazdaspeed will also carry the Downing/Atlanta carbon-fiber body panels and the 20B racing engine on a made-to-order basis. It says it will "offer a lucrative contingency awards program for the RX-8 in Grand-Am GT for the 2006 season."
the rx8 does well in the speed gt series... i hope this just makes mazda racing even stronger.
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
How much does it weigh? I'll guess 1350KGs.

I don't know the GrandAm series that well but I thought that was only American cars like TransAms and Chevvys and so on...

Allrite car...maybe it'll now sound better with a PROPER ENGINE :D
Renesis said:
3 rotor 20b = teh WIN!11111!!!!!! :D

but isn't the triple roter20b from the mazda cosmos really unreliable?... because the shaft that connects the 3 rotors kept breaking?... or is this a new technology?

787b lemans car anyone? ;)

That's triple rotor performance and reliability for you!
787B is quadruple rotor for teh win!

That car makes me ache, seriously. $280k isn't that bad, a track edition viper costs $500k+ and it's been bested by a "lowly" naturally aspirated 2 rotor FC3S!
:woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: Sign me up where do i get one?