Someone Else's Problem: 290cc of pure power


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Feb 18, 2007
Montreal, Qc, Canada
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Received an email yesterday from a friend : "check this deal out!" (the ad was published on that day) , called the guy, told him I would take today's afternoon off to have a look at his motorcycle, and ended up buying today right after the test drive.

Without further ado, here it is, my new Yamaha WR250X.


Came with 2 set of wheels (a 17 inch set with road tires, and a 21/19 set with off-road tires), and the following modifications:

Athena 290cc big bore kit
Power Commander PC3 USB
Two-brothers slip-on exhaust
Hand guards with integrated flashers
Skid plate
and many other small things I forget right now.

Couldn't really ride it today, only did a 20 minute ride through small city streets and on the highway, but I am going trail riding tomorrow, so I will get to try it properly :)

Edit : proof pic :)
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Proof pics coming up within 48 hours :p
I don?t care for trail bikes, but I would like a supermoto. Go figure.
That was my original line of thought, but I went trail riding yesterday, and it is a lot of fun :D

First real experience, and now not a single muscle in my body is not aching.

Maybe if I ever try it, I?ll become a fan. :lol:
A good time of year to buy a bike pricewise, just before you get several months of snow.
Will you use it over winter and what does Mrs. K make of the bike?

Have fun with it & be safe.

Can't ride it during winter, too cold, streets too dirty or full of snow, and winter tires are mandatory from December 15 until March 15.

Mrs K doesn't mind it too much, she use to ride too (that's actually how we met) :p
Great looking WR! I bet it goes pretty good with that big bore kit. I know guys have toured on mostly stock WR250Rs.

I was pretty meh about dirt biking until I tried it. Now I'm hooked for life. It is quite possibly the most fun I've ever had. :D
Well, the fun was short lived, I tried to take the bike to work this morning, and it wouldn't start.

Turns out I have a short somewhere, and the 10A fuse blows as soon as I turn the key On.

I'm going to miss one of the last riding weeks because of that :(
Yay, supermoto!


Good choice, too. Hopefully you get the electrics sorted out!
First, the good news, even with the electrical issues, the bike can be push started.

The bad news, the circuit that is shorted contains the tail light and brake light.

I rode the bike like that to a friend's place, who happens to be a mechanic.

He stripped the bike and clean many monstrosity in the electrical circuit, and eventually found a short. After fixing it everything seemed good, so we put everything back together, and when I tried to start it again, another short had developed :(

Back to square one, at least the bike is now at my friend's place.

My friend gave me a call yesterday to say he had fixed the issue, and I just pick the bike back up and brought it home :D

Now I should be able to use it to go to work a few days this week.

I know that evil winter is fast closing in on here in ND as well. I might get one or 2 more rides in this year before I get frozen out.

Do you know where the short was located?
The first one (the one we found on Friday) was on one of the wires connecting to the cluster, it was rubbing against a metal bracket, which cut through the wire insulation and shorted.

The second one was a bent pin in one of the indicators connector.
Just a tiny little one :D
When I bought the bike, it was way passed due for a chain and sprocket replacement. The rear sprocket was completely worn, and the chain was getting dangerous.

The bike was also geared 14-43, which is longer than the already long stock gearing (13-43).

So yesterday I installed a new chain and new front and read sprockets, going to the preferred street gearing 13-45. Oh. My. God!

The WR now wheelies in second gear just by jerking the throttle, and in first gear you actually have to fight against wheelies as soon as you give it any gaz :D