Someone Else's Problem: 290cc of pure power

Cool! WANT :D

I tried offroading a few times, and I love it.
The perfect thing yould be having a dirt bike next to my road bike.
Small bump, last issue I had with the bike as been identified and fixed.

The radiator fan was never coming on, and in traffic or in very slow driving the bike was over-heating.

A little bit of investigation pointed to a failed relay (lucky for me, the headlight uses an identical relay, so it made testing the radiator fan relay easy). A part that's available for 20$ online, but sadly 40$ at the nearest dealer.

No over-heating issue since I replaced it :)

Tonight I went back to my first bike night in 5 years. The faces have changed, the behavior did not. Squid central :|
And it's gone :(

I realized that a Supermotard, while super fun, really needs a certain environment to really appreciated. The type of roads that would be fun on this thing require at least 2 hours of highway riding just to get there, and on Supermotard with a top speed of ~145km/h, it's just to painful.

I also was afraid of driving downtown with it, the modified exhaust being just too loud risked getting way too much attention from the cops.

So I decided to get rid of it, and move on to a sport-touring bike, a 2016 Yamaha FJ-09.

On it's last ride today, on the way to the dealership, at every turn and every stop sign I was reminded how much fun this bike can be. And then I was reminded exactly why I wanted to get rid of it when I was stuck in traffic (it overheats very easily) and when I was just following normal traffic flow at 115km/h and the engine felt like it was being pushed way too hard.

In the end, the dealership where I bought my FJ paid me 500$ less that what I had paid for it 3 years ago, and if you consider the taxes saved in the exchange, it's actually closer to a depreciation of just 100$. I didn't know I was this good at cheap motoring.
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