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2nd attempt at good gtr shots


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
as you know, i am only 16. no ones taught me how to take photos b4. my dad explained a bit bout the A and S but hes very impaciant so i didnt want to piss him off as he bothered to take me out to take these photos.
i bought a monopod out this time. still sucks.

can anyone suggests some good Apiture and Shutter settings?


u can see how low it rides now with the new HKS HIPERMAX II suspension

u can see the AP 6 pot brakes :)
hahah thanks guy. the wheels are off a stock R34. i never liked them much. always believed not to take stock parts from other cars and most stock parts suck. these wheels are really hot on the market u know. they cost alot compared to aftermarket rims. what i really wanted were black Volk Racing TE37 or even better Mag ones.
i told u guys he is a managing director for a insurance brooker company called jardines llyod thompson
jasonchiu u should really use a tripod man! Specially when shooting in the dark when u need long shutter times and exposure so youre pictures get even sharper. I really recommend one :thumbsup:
i have one its big and bulky and takes too long to set up. dont wanna invest into another one coz its a waste of money.