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2nd of July Online S2 Race


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May 29, 2004

Saturday 2nd of July @ 7pm GMT 0:00 S2 FULL VERSION

General Rules
1. You can only join if you are a serious racer. We are here for fun and we don't need childish wreckers.
2. You need a legal copy of the game. Demo will do for the first couple of races, almost everyone has the full version already. Later on we will be playing the full version online.^
3. If you keep fucking up the race, like forgetting to brake in every corner or anything like that. I'll kick your butt ;-)

Racing Rules

1. If you want to overtake the car in front of you, honk the horn once.
2. If you are being overtaken, go to the either side of the track. just don't be in the way.
3. If you want to let the person behind you know he can overtake you, use the double turn-signal and go to either side of the track.
If you don't have turn-signals mapped, do it.
4. If you see a person behind you that is faster and wants to overtake, let him. Don't ignore him and think you can be faster.
Turn on the blinker and let him pass. You may even want to slow down a bit so you two won't end up in a corner side by side.
5. Don't use other people as a guide-rail in corners. If you can't keep up, don't ruin it for them.
6. If someone accidently hits you and you end up in the grass, don't plan on revenge. Nobody is out to kill your fun.
7. Overtaking in corners is a thing you should decide for yourself, as long as you don't violate rule number 5 it's fine.
Slower cars can take the corner wide so faster people can overtake on the inner side.
8. No alcohol is allowed.
9. If you think these rules are too much, just use COMMON SENSE.
10. Have fun!
we should decide what tracks and cars we're going to do here, because if not we'll just end up with a bunch of people wanting different tracks and cars and people driving UF slowly round the track and protesting :lol:
Yeah, I think the system we had was nice yesterday, but we all need more practise to do real racing on every track.

Protest in UF? Never noticed people doing that

:lol: :p
when we stuck to the small formula and the 3rd part of the oval truck it was fun. we all still had some trouble in parts of the track, but we managed to do quite some laps where we were close to each other. i think that worked fine, stick to one car and one track for at least 5-6races, then everyone gets to know tha car and gets comfortable with the track, rather then having every race on different track with a different car, having 500 restarts, 500 crashes and no race at the end :thumbsdown:
I won't be in that day, but the week after...

Since I'm finally S2 licensed, I have to learn every track... But then I got some time left, after I've finished GTA:SA...

Is there any preference in cars I should specialise on? Are you guys doing longer races now? With Pit strategy and stuff??? Would be nice...

We are racing with RA all the time and V8 Formula. :mrgreen:

So...try them... :lol:


We DO race V8 alot, but the small formula too, all GTR's, NO RA! that thing is the devil, no f350, too tailhappy.

You have alot to learn ;)
the FZ50 GTR is actually the best gtr imo, handles really well, bit understeery some times, but nothing that bad really, i bet with a nice setup it will kick ass ;)
I agree with it... I was laughing my ass off when we did that Aston ring with the hairpin turn as the first corner and 90% of the people couldn't brake in time and I think pdanev said "no one said anything about a corner" and then we restarted and everyone braked for the corner but 90% of us ran wide because it was a hairpin and everyone was expecting it to be a right hander and the ESPNSTI said "no one said anything about a hairpin" :lol: ... and then restarted again and half of us screwed up in the chicane.... we looked like the biggest bunch of noobs ever, did anyone save the replay for those races?
i laughed my ass too on that one :lmao:

in the first race on that track i didnt see that corner coming at all, and there were so many people on the track that i didnt pay attention to the map, was flooring it, and all i saw at a point after my slalom between the others that im approaching pretty fast the tyre wall :lol: :lol: :lol:

next step was indeed, ohhh, its a hairpin, ok :lol:

then ooops, a chickane ok... :thumbsup:

but after that i really enjoyed the track, its really challenging, especially towards the end, a high speed chickane, and still while you are exiting the chickane another hairpin :thumbsup:
yea.... pdanev was comical on the first lap, I could see from the back you were pushing so hard before the hairpin that you braked for the corner after the entry point :lol:.... and then followed by about 2-3people who ran into the wall as well.... but I can't believe that after forgetting to brake for the corner, I didn't look at the map yet, forgot it existed, I just braked to about 3rd gear and cornered and realized it was a hairpin and crashed straight into pdanev :lol:
i was already passed the corner when i realized ooops, i need to brake :lmao:

it was like in a bad movie or cartoon, the car running at vmax, a corner passes by, u look to the right seeing that u messed up, look forward and all you see is the wall :lol:
:lol: ... and btw did anyone notice that the Single-seater racers don't have a brake light... because I remember that ESPNSTI rammed straight into me because he didn't know I was braking and I was not familiar with the track I didn't know you didn't need to brake for the corner
i thought they had, but hell, i played lfs for 8 hours yesterday, my vision was malfunctioning i guess :lol:
I love the OVAL ring... I played with 25people just now and it was fun as hell... esp dodging all those cars who crashed out in the start kept my heart beating quick... and people who play full S2 are so much better, if they crash, they try to get out as quick as possible and not cause a bigger accident... and they actually know what blue flag means