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While I'm doing fleet updates...

I've made it to 42k on the Genesis. It's been mostly flawless, but I hate the Mercedes style TCS/ESC--there is no fully off, which is annoying. At around 30k miles, I had the transmission fluid flushed (not part of Hyundais recommendation, but since the gearbox is unproven, I prefer to be on the safe side) and had the injector service done. Other than some occasional annoyances: battery terminal was loose causing car to cut out after hard braking (now remedied) and poor transmission shifting (kicking down too aggressively mid-corner and freaking out the TCS/ESC), it continues to be a great car.
I played musical cars with Der Stig and gave the Genesis a bit of a needed run down to the westerly part of Central Texas and back, a quick run of over 600 miles in one day. I may post my thoughts on the car and trip later, but I thought I'd dump some germane pictures here.

And for the 600+ mile trip:

Wasn't like I was going slow, either.
...gave the Genesis a bit of a needed run down to the westerly part of Central Texas and back..
"Naaaa, just once 'rounda-block, maan!" :p

I totally love this thing. When it came out on sale, it was a sign for car manufactoring big daddies, they're about to be owned by a cheap freezer makers. And i think it did, not just compared to the present zeGeormens, but for rivals of that time too. (same age Mercs having a blast of bills, all over the club now)
"Naaaa, just once 'rounda-block, maan!" :p

I totally love this thing. When it came out on sale, it was a sign for car manufactoring big daddies, they're about to be owned by a cheap freezer makers. And i think it did, not just compared to the present zeGeormens, but for rivals of that time too. (same age Mercs having a blast of bills, all over the club now)
One of the things I was thinking about on the run down (on some *very* fun B-roads/State Highways, I should say) was how very good this car was for that specific kind of trip - interesting winding roads with less than perfect road surfaces. A comparable contemporary (2014) BMW 5-series would have had slightly better handling (not that the Genesis wasn't excellent as is) but in the road conditions I was encountering it would have been a bit twitchier than usual and the suspension would have hammered my spine up through my collarbones; it would not have been a fun trip. An Audi A6 would have had me fighting the classic Audi understeer in many turns and been beating on my spine; an E-class would have had a comparable ride but worse handling (again, not that the E-class handling is actually bad.) The Lexus GS would have put me to sleep and the Infiniti M would be more or less like the BMW 5er.

I honestly can't think of any contemporary sport/luxury sedan sold in the US for at least $15K on either side of the Genesis' price that would be anywhere near as good at high speed touring through the Texas Hill Country as this Genesis is. I think Hyundai was definitely on to something for the American market by dialing some of the sharp edges out of the handling and going with a more compliant but still sporting suspension with this car.
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So.. due to technical difficulties with getting the Caddy ready in time, I ended up having this little bugger here as a "loaner". You know, just for a few days until the Caddy was back on the street again...

Well, those few days dragged on a bit, and turned into about 3500 miles that I put on it... the car somehow found its way to Florida?!

So I can report a few things:

- very comfy long distance cruiser
- feels only very rarely not powerful enough
- the lack of adjustability of the steering column is just a gigantic fail on Hyundais end, base model or not
- surprisingly good fuel consumption (I got 500 miles out of a tank, despite the car claiming that I won't)
- as expected, so not really a negative, it is not all that happy to be trown around curvy b-roads
- transmission is good at its job most of the time, but the software could use some refinement, it is every now and then rather indecicive which gear it should use

What I also can report, is..

A taste of the cost-cutting; the spare is sadly a donut, but used wheels are pretty cheap and I'll probably pick some up (if they fit...)
That this never happened. How I know? Well, let's just say that the car's notification of "Tire Pressure Low" after finding a pothole was somewhat believable.

I also know that the jack works, but the tool you're supposed to use for cranking it, is kinda cheap and silly. But oh well. After finding and hitting said pothole, I had to limp it a bit along the street until a sidewalk started, so I had a surface to actually jack it up on... by the time I got back to Bens place, tire places were closed, so the next day was now tire duty instead of Space Center.

The next day, as planned, I started the highly annoying journey that would be to find a correct size tire not made out of chinesium locally in store..

.. right after finding a new rim. Because...

(second picture is not a completely accurate representation of the radius, but shows that it is not just the little notch that was the problem)

Yep, it's dead, Jim! Shook the balancing machine like it wanted to rip it out of the ground. So I postponed the installation of the located tire, and went on the hunt for a matching Genesis sedan wheel. I mean, how hard can it be, in a time of craigslist and ebay in a large US city for a reasonable price, right?!

If you guessed impossible, you would be correct! The local stealership offered to order one in for a mere $650 plus tax and installation, oh and plus tire of course, which I politely declined. Craiglist and ebay had nothing in any distance that was even remotely in the cards. So I ended up touring the local small rim/wheel/tire shops, asking around, being sent around from one to the next one.. all on that fucking space saver. I ended up finding a shop that offered me a temporary solution, a Genesis Coupe wheel. While also 18", it was obviously a different styling, and also an 8" wide rear wheel instead of the 7,5" the sedan wheels are all around. But it'd take the same tire size no problem and more importantly would fit on the car, at the very least on the rear. So I bought that thing used, went over to the tire shop that had an acceptable tire locally available, got raped for that and the installation, had them put the coupe wheel in the back just to avoid unlikely but potential fitment issues with the rear rim upfront, and then was done for the day...

Oh yeah, I also checked the front suspension while the wheel was off for any suspicious dents or bents, but didn't see anything. After the new wheel was installed, I did some testing on the parking lot looking for pulling to a side under accelleration and braking, but nothing of the like, so I'm optimistic that I got at least lucky in that regard and didn't fuck up more down there..

A few days later, back in Texas, after talking with Ethan, I scooped up a full set of super cheap coupe wheels from craigslist in a small town north of Austin. They were color mismatched, and as it turned out when I inspected them in the sellers truckbed, also 3 fronts (7,5x18) and only 1 rear (8x18). Given what I already had, I decided to not give a shit. And Ethan told me that they knew a guy for powder coating up in Dallas, so the color issue was not much of one.

So I ended up borrowing a friends car because mine was broken, and all it cost me was a full set of 5 wheels and 1 tire so far.. :p.

- first coupe rim in Florida: $120 (trading in the broken one as core and tire disposal fee included)
- new tire for said rim: $180 (mounted and installed)
- set of 4 coupe rims: $100 (yes, that was funnily the cheapest part..)
= $400 and he still has to paint them and buy at least 1 matching tire, or just 4 new ones and keep the one I got as a FULL SIZE spare)

Needless to say that I am more than thankful for being given the car for the trip while at the same time I feel like shit for breaking a friends car :D.
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We actually dropped off the wheels to the powdercoater yesterday, who gave us a good deal on his services.
So to update this, the coupe wheels ended up not fitting...only on the driver's side front wheel. None of the wheels would clear the caliper :?

Anyway, sold the coupe set and bought two more of the original 14 spokes, so I now have a full size spare and the OEM wheels back on.

Managed to cross 55k earlier this week as well. Probably due for some more services shortly, second transmission flush is at 60k. The car is still trucking along, feels tight as a drum and pretty much as new. Of course, I picked up a large crack on the windshield through a construction zone on I45, not sure how I haven't had it happen earlier. Not so excited to price an acoustic and solar reduction windshield.

Yes, my car is filthy :p

I think your insurance on the Genesis might actually cover it - and the OEM windshield glass is IIRC relatively lower priced than you'd think. I'll give you a ring in the morning once Operation: Evict Land Cruiser Engine And Store New 302 gets underway.