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360 challange stradale?

james bond

New Member
Jan 16, 2006
For some reason i dont see any episodes were they test out the 360 CS, they have it on there lap time board so there must be an episode with it. Could anyone direct me the topgear episode or fithgear one where they test it? thank you.
Can't Viper set up the Forum, so that newbies automatically go to the Ep guide thread until they have reached 10 posts or something? Every day 2 people ask that kinda stuff...
^You'd think that the TG Ep Guides & Resources thread would have all the information you could possibly need aye...its just that some people can't find the damn thing (or they just don't bother looking).

Maybe if when someone with 0-posts decides to make a new thread in the TG-G section of the forum, it'll pose a question like "If you are about to ask a question, its most likely that it can be answered here" - ...and there would be a link to the Resources thread.
youd think james bond would have the cunning and resources behind him to work these sorts of problems out on his own too! :?