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3GSM 2005 Cell Phone Expo


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Mar 17, 2004
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Big-time new cell phone introductions from the world's leading phone makers. A lot of it deals with music-playback abilities.

  • Sony Ericsson announces Walkman Phones
  • Nokia announces partnership with Microsoft for Windows Media Player in their phones
  • Motorola unveils E1060, the first phone with iTunes; brand-new SLVR V8 candy bar-style phone modeling on the popular RAZR V3 flip phone; new black RAZR V3; E1120 three-megapixel camera phone


I'm really diggin' this SLVR V8. Hope it won't cost like a million dollars like the RAZR V3.
My next phone will be the Sanyo 5600. I know it doesn't have all of the features a common European/Asian phone would have, but it's getting close.
my next phone would be something that can pretty much replace myDigital Camera.... at least 3MP... but I really like that Motorola... too bad the menu really pisses me off... :lol:
Korean phones use CDMA technology and I heard it is much easier to develop as no SIM-card is needed
andyhui01 said:
my next phone would be something that can pretty much replace myDigital Camera.... at least 3MP... but I really like that Motorola... too bad the menu really pisses me off... :lol:

I'm currently looking at digital cameras, and it's unlikely I needed anything over 4-megapixels. I needed a camera that I can carry in my front pocket all the time, and I may upgrade phones pretty soon (currenty have a Nokia 3595 from T-Mobile). If the price is right (at least under $300), I may consider that Motorola E1120.

But I don't know. My first and only Motorola phone was the C332, which was the biggest peice of shit ever. No wonder T-Mobile were giving these away for free.
I'm never gonna buy anything bar Nokia ever again. They simply excel at everything.

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I'm a nokia fan as well. Much more intuitive to use than the other brands.
I'm sorry, but in the U.S. right now, Nokia is shit. I'm guessing the rest of the world is getting better Nokia handsets :unsure:

Are they making flip-phones yet?
my first motorola phone was the C330 as well.... it was the biggest piece of shit in the world as well :lol: .... my 6mth old K700i is giving me loads of problems with the joystick... I think I'm going back to nokia :D ... I'm waiting for the 6681 or the 3230 to be released before changing my phone
Nokias over here are considered good. They do have a flip phone out now I think...
Nokias are the top brand over here and the trend setters and most reliable in the country. I can't stand flip-phones personally though - yuk. I prefer phones like the 7110 or whatever it was that had the button on the back to open it. Often mistaken as the Matrix phone, used to love that phone. Anyone know a decent modern equivalent?

I'm currently using a 6610i btw - can't complain, I must say.
Yea, "banana" phones were cool. I had 8110i (the one in matrix, but doesn't open by pressing a button). That front cover is very useful. No need to lock keys (it covers all the buttons, unlike 7110), works as handle when opened, much easier to type for example. And it looks cool too :) Too bad it died... I had some other brands since, but now I'm bought Nokia again. This time it's 6670 (one of the series 60 smartphones), and it's extremely uncomfortable. Buttons are small, it's hard to type using one hand and so on. Most phones are like that nowdays actually. Samsung's soft is made by idiots IMO, Nokias are ugly, Siemens... well, after SL45 I'm not going back to Siemens. I considered byuing Nokia 6230, I really like it's clean looks, but I had to have the one with series-60 platform :)
MXM - do you guys get awesome deals on Nokias (since you're in Finland)?

In the U.S. we have about four major wireless providers. I have Sprint and the phones they give away (you need to sign a contract) are always Nokias. The top-end phones for Sprint are Samsung (I personally don't like them) and Sanyo. Motorola makes better handsets for other providers, but not for Sprint..

My first phone was some digital Motorola phone, 2000e or something like that. Ugly as sin. I then borrowed a friend's Nokia 6190 for a few months and I loved it! That was back when modding your phone with flashing LED antennas (aerials?) and batteries was cool. When he took it back I bought an Ericsson T28w. I loved that phone. It has it's problems so I upgraded (or downgraded) to a Nokia 3390. That was my last Nokia. My current phone is a Sanyo 8100 and I just bought some woodgrain skins for it! Check it out:



im no longer a fan of nokias... back when phones were black and white, they were good. simple to use and they look good. however now, the other manufactures have caught up and making phones as good as and better than nokia.

right now im using a motorola v600, and am impressed by phones that se, motorola, siemens and even sagem are producing. not so much nokia as i feel that their phones have little differences between them (7210, 6610, 6100... all the same, just differnt housings), they tend to have less features than other phones in the same market, and the screen is too small for a coloured phone