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595Hp Kleemann ML50K S8


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Oct 4, 2004



germancarfans.com said:
595Hp Kleemann ML50K S8
Text & Photos Courtesy Kleemann A/S

New aerodynamic body kit for Mercedes ML
KLEEMANN is proud to present the KLEEMANN ML50K S8. Based on the Mercedes-Benz ML 500, KLEEMANN has created an utterly desirable car representing the best of design and technology for the big SUV market.

The ML 50K S8 features a new aero dynamic enhancement kit developed by the KLEEMANN design department. The aero component kit is designed with attention to detail and consists of a deep front spoiler and a rear spoiler with a built in diffuser panel as seen on other KLEEMANN models. The rear diffuser panel makes provision for the KLEEMANN tail pipes and complements a rear spoiler mounted on the roof. Furthermore the ML50K S8 comes with new side skirts and wheel arch flares for a more sporty appearance and strong road presence.

The complete exterior package including 20 inch TM-5 wheel ensures a bold, muscular look and fits all non-AMG M-Class vehicles.

An Electronic Body Lowering Module (EBL) and the KLEEMANN Suspension Tuning firms up the Air Matic suspension and ensure a lower centre of gravity for reduced body roll and better turning stability.

The redesigned exterior is perfectly matched by a new sporty yet luxurious interior. The upholstery on seats and doors is made from high quality leather and with sections of Alcantara. Dash board and panels inside are made from carbon fibre to finish the sporty look and feel. Carbon fibre inlays are also to be found on the ergonomic shaped steering wheel.

More power for both the ML 500 and the Diesel range
Like the CLS 50K S8 and E50KCC presented earlier this year, the ML50K S8 is powered by the well known 5.0 litre V8 in full KLEEMANN trim. Mounted with the KLEEMANN Kompressor system, Super Sport Camshafts, a reprogrammed ECU and stainless steel exhaust headers the engines power out put is increased to 595 Hp as the torque curve peaks at 770 Nm. A complete stainless steel dual exhaust system allows the Kompressor engine to breath freely and takes the exhaust note to another level. The powerful engine makes the car able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5,3 seconds and the top speed is 270 km/h.

For increased performance in the Diesel-powered ML models, KLEEMANN offers the efficient KD-BOX or a reprogramming of the ECU.

For the safety aspect KLEEMANN has added more stopping power to the heavy car. The KB8 brake system: 380 x 34 mm discs with 8 piston callipers on the front axle and 345 x 28 mm discs with 4 piston callipers on the rear axle. The massive brake discs are vented and cross drilled and will not fade even under extreme strain. All KLEEMANN brake systems come with separate left and right discs.

Specifications KLEEMANN ML 50K S8
Engine: V8
Displacement: 4966 cc
No. of valves: 24
Transmission: 7 speed automatic
Bhp: 595 Hp @ 5.800 rpm
Max torque: 770 Nm @ 2.000 rpm
Wheels: TM-5 light alloy 10JX20
Tyres: 295/45 R 20 TOYO Proxes S/T


Maximum speed (Limited): 270 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 5,3 seconds
Brabus = more power + better looks :mrgreen:

Sorry for the off topic...
the both arent that great. but in this case, i like the Kleeman better. and a stock Cayenne Turbo is quicker.
SL65AMG~V12~604BHP!!!!!!! said:
Brabus = more power + better looks .

Since when is Brabus allowed to keep the Star on the enginetuned Merc's? Kleemann obviously isnt allowed to keep the Star...
Or is the Brabus ML just styled with a bodykit, but hasnt got an engine-tuning?
hmmm, they usually remove all MB badges.

it looks like they put to much weight in it and it started to bend in the middle :?
lol its less than everything :|
*Waits for dude from Denmark to come and defend his product* :lol:
Brabus is the way to go!

stats on that Kleeman aren't that impressive for a 600hp truck
fbc said:
Pointless pointless pointless :bangin:

haha, indeed. An already pointless car made even more pointless!
craigblock said:
It's ugly. The ML class makes me laugh. People will buy anything.

yeah, imagine, there is a Hummer H3 now- all the ugly in a smaller package...
:thumbsdown: to the chickenwire used for the front bumper. Just looks cheap.
M3lover said:
Cmon support the danish tuner (Kleemann) :thumbsup:
Don't know about the brabus but Kleemann takes over the merc. guarantee (sp?) of all the parts their tuning affect. That says alot about the quality of their tuning i think. Also see the Kleeman CLS, ?ber merc. http://www.kleemann.dk/site/Main/thecars/clscl219
I like Kleemann as a tuner but I can't stand seeing beutifull Mercs with these bodykits on. They were built to be admired in their production form.

Kleemann performance parts are fast and reliable. I know of plenty of people who have them and apparently they'r excellent.