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5th Gear Episode Guide


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Mar 31, 2005
This is the official 5th Gear episode listing for every ep that aired since 2002 when the show first began.

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PDF : http://jensked.studentenweb.org/fifth gear episode guide.PDF
TXT: http://jensked.studentenweb.org/Fifth Gear episode guide.txt

5th Gear - Motoring magazine presented by Tiff Needell, Vicki Butler-Henderson, Tom Ford and Jason Plato.

Only the first seasons are missing. Original list is by Justin Syder, the descriptions are copy pasted from the finalgear website.

Here is some history behind the show, http://forum.finalgear.com/viewtopic.php?p=18128

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This Episode Guide contains abstracts from all the Fifth Gear episodes from season 4 and the following seasons.


SL65AMG's guide to the first 3 seasons of FG available chez Tweeke. They are rips from other TV channels and are not aired in the same chronological order as the originals. Therefore it's not really the official listing.

5th Gear 2002 series one -1

-- April 8 -- Tiff reviews the new Lamborghini Murci?lago. Quentin Wilson talks about old car auctions, where you can do bargains. Citroen C3. A dodge Viper takes on a Nissan Sunny. And how easy to drive is BMW's new 7 series.

5th Gear 2002 series one -2

-- April 15 -- Vicks reviews the Alfa Romeo 156 GTA. The new Range Rover: is it as good on-road as off-road? Nissan's new Primera. And the people who are Citroen Saxo mad. Finally, Tom Ford reviews the new Mini.

5th Gear 2002 series one -3

-- April 22 --

5th Gear 2002 series one -4

-- April 29 --

5th Gear 2002 series one -5

-- May 6 --

5th Gear 2002 series one -6

-- May 13 --

5th Gear 2002 series one -7

-- May 20 --

5th Gear 2002 series one -8

-- May 27 --

5th Gear 2002 series one -9

-- June 3 -- Vicki tests the Audi A4 Cabriolet

5th Gear 2002 series one -10

-- June 10 -- Tiff & Vicki do Radical Racing

5th Gear 2002 series one -11

-- MMM DD --

5th Gear - The Greatest Cars in the World

-- Sept 8 -- (2002 Special) The Greatest Cars in the World.


5th Gear 2002 series two -1

-- Oct 7 --

5th Gear 2002 series two -2

-- Oct 14 --

5th Gear 2002 series two -3

-- Oct 21 --

5th Gear 2002 series two -4

-- Oct 28 --

5th Gear 2002 series two -5

-- Nov 4 --

5th Gear 2002 series two -6

-- Nov 11 --

5th Gear 2002 series two -7

-- Nov 18 -- The Bond Cars.

5th Gear 2002 series two -8

-- Nov 25 --

5th Gear 2002 series two -9

-- Dec 2 --

5th Gear 2002 series two -10

-- Dec 9 --


5th Gear 2003 series three -1

-- Mar 12 --

5th Gear 2003 series three -2

-- Mar 19 -- Geneva Motor Show.

5th Gear 2003 series three -3

-- Mar 26 --

5th Gear 2003 series three -4

-- Apr 1 --

5th Gear 2003 series three -5

-- Apr ## --

5th Gear 2003 series three -6

-- Apr 30 --

5th Gear 2003 series three -7

-- May 7 --

5th Gear 2003 series three -8

-- May 14 --

5th Gear 2003 series three -9

-- May 26 --

5th Gear 2003 series three -10

-- June 1 --

5th Gear - The Italian job

-- Sept 26 -- (2003 Special) "The Italian Job" Old and New.


5th Gear 2003 series four -1

-- Oct 13 -- Pile-up.

5th Gear 2003 series four -2

-- Oct 20 -- Ultimate Stealth Car.

5th Gear 2003 series four -3

-- Oct 27 -- Vicky goes playing in the dirt with the new TVR T350. Tiff and Adrian try to find the best car under 6500 pounds. Tom plays with some British military toys.

5th Gear 2003 series four -4

-- Nov 3 -- Best Cars of the 80s. In this edition, A nostalgic look back at 1980s cars including the Golf GTI, BMW 323i, Porsche 944 Turbo and much-maligned Sinclair C5.

5th Gear 2003 series four -5

-- Nov 10 -- In this episode: Tiff tests the new ?120,000, 612 horsepower Mercedes-Benz CL65 in Monaco. Tom tests the new baby BMW X5, the BMW X3. A segment on the new Aston Martin DB9 - can anyone say James Bond car? :-D. Tiff and Vicki learn to ride motorcyles - features Tiff falling on his ass

5th Gear 2003 series four -6

-- Nov 17 -- Motorway Truck Side-Swipe. Tiff test drives the Chrysler Crossfire. Vicki, Adrian, and Tiff look at classic cars and their cost benefits of owning in the UK. Tiff drives a Morris Minor 1000, a car he learn to drive in. Tom drives the new BMW 6 Series. Tiff and Vicki discuss motorway truck sideswipes and the problem of blind spots.

5th Gear 2003 series four -7

-- Nov 24 -- Vicki compares the Nissan 350Z to the Audi TT. Tiff reviews the Mazda RX-8. Comparison of the Ariel Atom and the Radical SR-3 by Vicki. Adrian checks out a cool stunt show at Disneyland in Paris. ;Tiff compares the BMW Z4 to the Porsche Boxster

5th Gear 2003 series four -8

-- Dec 1 -- Tiff compares the BMW M3 CSL to the normal BMW M3. Vicki teaches how to deal with wheel clamps. Adrian teaches about Drift Club aka drifting. Vicki reviews the Maserati 4200 Coupe.

5th Gear 2003 series four -9

-- Dec 8 -- Tiff and Tim review the Bentley Continental GT and see how fast it really can go. Tiff talks about the dangers of loose cargo in a car during a crash. Vicki reviews the Peugeot 206 GTI

5th Gear 2003 series four -10

-- Dec 15 -- Top 10 Favorite Ferraris In this episode: A short history of Ferrari. Plus, of course, test drives, reviews of the Britains top 10 favorite Ferraris

5th Gear 2003 series four -11

-- Dec 22 -- The Best Of Fifth Gear (Hour Long Special)


5th Gear 2004 series five -1

-- Mar 29 -- Vicky and Tiff find out what happens when you crash an old model of a car into a new model of a car and which fairs better. Guest presenter Jason Plato (a British touring car champion) drives the new Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. Tiff finds out which is fastest, the Citroen C2 GT or the Ford Sport Ka

5th Gear 2004 series five -2

-- April 5 -- Adrian reviews the new Audi A6 in Italy. A lookback at past car versus plane races - includes the race of Michael Schumacher in his Ferrari F1 race car versus a Euro Fighter Vicki goes to the Geneva Auto Show and checks out some cool cars - BMW Concept M5, Honda Sports Concept (new NSX?), Rolls-Royce 100EX, Land Rover concept Range Stormer; Fiat concept Trepiuno and Maserati MC12. Tiff races a Gazelle helicopter around a track in a Porsche GT3

5th Gear 2004 series five -3

-- April 12 -- Tiff talks about some people's fear of driving and with some help from a car psychologist, helps cure a woman of her fears. Tom reviews the awesome Aston Martin DB9, the best Aston Martin yet. Vicki gets some NOS and makes a diesel Golf compete with a Honda NSX driven by Tiff

5th Gear 2004 series five -4

-- April 19 -- High-Speed Blow-Out! This edition examines the state of Britain's tires, while Vicki tries out the new amphibious car and Tom test-drives the new Mercedes SLK.

5th Gear 2004 series five -5

-- April 26 -- Ultimate Minis. Tonight's edition celebrates the 45th anniversary of the famous Mini, and the hosts go on a nationwide search for the best of the breed. Also, Tom Ford previews the upcoming Land Rover Discovery and Tiff test-drives the Ascari KZ1 at the Ascari Race Resort.

5th Gear 2004 series five -6

-- May 3 -- Buying Schumacher's Car. Tom follows property tycoon and car nut Frank Mountain as he takes delivery of Michael Schumacher's world title-winning Formula One racing car. Frank discusses his sports-car obsession with Vicki. And Adrian travels to Derby to examine one of Britain's most secure car parks, before putting it to the test with the show's own 'thief'.

5th Gear 2004 series five -7

-- May 10 -- Britain's Best 4x4. Vicki and Tiff choose their favorite 4x4 vehicle, and give viewers a chance to win one. Guest presenter and touring car champion Jason Plato tests Chrysler's new 300C. And Adrian meets a computer gamer attempting to make the transition from driving simulations to the real thing.

5th Gear 2004 series five -8

-- May 17 -- The Science of Car Jumps. Tiff enlists the help of scientists and mathematicians in an attempt to break a car-jumping record. Tom and Vicki test Maserati's new luxury saloon.

5th Gear 2004 series five -9

-- May 24 -- Celebrity Cars. Adrian asks what makes a celebrity car valuable and meets the people who collect them. Pop star Jay Kay gives Tiff and Vicki a guided tour of his car collection. And Tom tests the new Peugeot 407 family saloon.

5th Gear 2004 series five -10

-- May 31 -- Motor Show Special.


5th Gear 2004 series six -1

-- Oct 11 -- Who's Fastest ? A Car, a Bike or a Boat?. This week, the ultimate showdown between a Formula One car, a superbike and a racing powerboat, featuring British Formula One hopeful Jenson Button. Jason Plato tests BMW's new 1-series, and Vicki examines the enduring appeal of the Ford Capri.

5th Gear 2004 series six -2

-- Oct 18 -- The 200mph Show. Tiff Needell road tests the new Mercedes McLaren SLR, Jason Plato checks out the new Ford Focus and Vicki Butler-Henderson investigates the latest parking ticket legislation.

5th Gear 2004 series six -3

-- Oct 25 -- Britain's Most Economical Car. Tonight's program examines how to cut fuel costs, and tests three of the most economical cars on the market. Meanwhile, Tiff road-tests the new Porsche 911.

5th Gear 2004 series six -4

-- Nov 1 -- Our Fastest Ever Crash Test. Tiff and Vicki crash two small cars into a concrete block at full speed. Jason Plato drives through five European countries in 24 hours in the world's most expensive Ferrari. And Adrian road-tests the new Seat Toledo.

5th Gear 2004 series six -5

-- Nov 8 -- Best of British Cars. Tiff and Vicki drive some of the best cars in Britain today, including luxury cars like Bentleys, Jaguars, Aston-Martins and Rolls Royces, sports cars such as the Lotus Elise and the iconic Mini. They also choose the `best of the best', and give it away in a competition.

5th Gear 2004 series six -6

-- Nov 15 -- SAS Driving. Chris Ryan provides an insight into SAS driving techniques and Vicki Butler-Henderson attempts to drive flat out in Aston Martin's new Vanquish S.

5th Gear 2004 series six -7

-- Nov 22 -- Britain's Best Family Car. Vicki and Tom test the latest people-carrier's, Tiff meets Formula One legend Jackie Stewart and Jason test-drives the new Volkswagen Golf GTI.

5th Gear 2004 series six -8

-- Nov 29 -- Caravan Racing. Tiff Needell goes caravan racing and Tom Ford test-drives the new Land Rover Discovery. Vicki celebrates the enduring appeal of the Porsche 911.

5th Gear 2004 series six -9

-- Dec 6 -- Hitting Pedestrians. Tiff Needell explores car safety as the government prepares to pass new legislation on the subject. Elsewhere, Jason Plato test-drives the new Ferrari 430. Tom Ford drives Nissan's dramatically-styled new Murano off-roader on the backroads of Provence. Also, we find out whether a Mosler road racer can beat the fastest thing round the Fifth Gear test track so far, the Ducati 999.

5th Gear 2004 series six -10

-- Dec 13 -- 5th Gear Awards 2004. On the final episode of this series Tiff Needell, Vicki Butler-Henderson, Tom Ford and Jason Plato nominate the best new cars of 2004. Plus Tiff drives the new Ford GT.

5th Gear - The Best of 2004

-- Dec 20 -- The Best of 2004. This compilation show relives some of the best bits of the last three series of Fifth Gear with Tiff Needell, Vicki Butler-Henderson, Tom Ford and Jason Plato. As well as road tests of the Aston Martin DB9 and the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale, features include Tiff trying to beat a helicopter in a Porsche GT3 and Tom Ford following wealthy car enthusiast Frank Mountain as he realizes his life's dream - buying an ex-Michael Schumacher F1 car straight from the Ferrari Factory.

The highlights also include Fifth Gear's world record-breaking caravan jump and Jamiroquai front man Jay Kay giving us an exclusive look at his impressive car collection, which ranges from a Mercedes Limo and a Rolls Royce Phantom to a fleet of racing go-karts.

But it's not all glamour. Using Fifth Gear's trademark dramatic reconstructions of car crashes, we learn about the terrifying anatomy of a motorway pile up and discover what improvements in car safety mean for real when we crash a new five-star safety rated Renault Espace into a ten-year-old one.


5th Gear 2005 series seven -1

-- Mar 21 -- In this first edition of the new series, Vicki learns some Hollywood stunt tricks; Tiff and Jason test-drive the new Porsche Boxster, this week's competition prize, as it goes head-to-head against the BMW Z4; and Jon checks out speed camera detectors.

5th Gear 2005 series seven -2

-- Mar 28 -- Tiff Needell takes part in some extreme car testing at the Artic Circle; Vicki Butler-Henderson hits the race track to compare the Mercedes SLK55 with its big brother, the SL55; and Jason Plato gives the new BMW 3-Series the ultimate road test.

5th Gear 2005 series seven -3

-- April 4 -- Jason Plato travels to Dubai and drives the car that could be Formula One?s biggest threat; Vicki Butler-Henderson compares Mercedes? cheapest model, the A-Class against a classier model, the range topping SL. Will she be able to tell the difference? ; Tiff Needell has a virtual race with the creator of ?Gran Turismo?. Will Tiff?s real-world skills be good enough to beat Kazunori at his own game?

5th Gear 2005 series seven -4

-- April 11 -- In this episode Jason checks out the new TVR Sargaris and TVR Tuscan 2 and races them with Vicki. Tom drives the new Fiat Panda 4x4 and races it against a Range Rover. The Fifth Gear crew return to their 200 MPH car project and continue work on their 1999 Lotus Esprit V8 GT. Tiff meets up with the VMax car club and rides with 19 year-old Adam in his dad's RUF Porsche 911 to try to hit 200 MPH

5th Gear 2005 series seven -5

-- April 18 -- In this episode Tiff examines the new Range Rover Sport and races it a horse; Vicki sees if her mom can get around the Anglesey race circuit in under 1 minute 30 seconds in the new automatic Lamborghini Murcielago ;Tom takes a ride in Frank Mountain's new ?500,000 Maserati MC12 on a snow-bound circuit and witnesses Frank hit a wall

5th Gear 2005 series seven -6

-- April 25 -- In this episode Tiff and Jason compare the Dodge Viper SRT-10 and the Corvette C6; Vicki drives the new contest car, a classic 1964 Volkswagen Beetle 1300; Tom tests an Ariel Atom 2 that has 300 horsepower thanks to a supercharger and then takes it through a car wash; Jon Bentley examines a new, safer type of lamp post and what happens when you crash into a regular style pole vs. the new style

5th Gear 2005 series seven -7

-- May 2 -- In this episode Tom examines the new Peugeot 1007 which has sliding doors; Fifth Gear Shootout: Vicki races the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR FQ 400 with its sophisticated electronics against the Noble M400; Jon compares diesel powered cars to those powered by gasoline and explains what the advantages of each are. Tiff teams up with British supermodel Jodie Kidd to go racing in the Maserati Trofeo series

5th Gear 2005 series seven -8

-- May 9 -- In this episode Jason drives the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. Vicki drives the ?85,000, 207 MPH Superformance Le Mans Coupe, a replica of the Shelby Daytona Coupe. Tiff races two hot hatches, the Honda Civic Type-R versus the Renault Clio 182. Jon Bentley examines what happens in crash compatibility problems - where cars with different bumper heights and strengths collide like with a SUV and a small car.

5th Gear 2005 series seven -9

-- May 16 -- In this episode Tiff finds out which is quickest, the Porsche Cayenne or the BMW X5. Jon finds out what Britains think the most prestigious car in Britain is. Vicki drives the new Citroen C4 VTS. Tiff follows a competition where the Renault Formula 1 team will choose one young person to become a new engineer on their team

5th Gear 2005 series seven -10

-- May 23 -- In this episode Tiff drives the incredible new BMW M5 to the famous Pau circuit in the South of France. With MG Rover having gone out of business recently, Vicki examines which models are good deals with the serious dealer discounts. Jason goes to Monaco to check out the Top Marques Monaco Motorshow, a motorshow for high rollers featuring tons of really expensive cars including the Pagani Zonda F, Bugatti Veyron, and others as well as a ?20 million yacht ;While in Monaco, gets an exclusive look at the £300,000 Venturi Fetish, a radical new sportscar, and then bumps into former James Bond and Monaco resident Roger Moore who is interested in buying one


5th Gear 2005 series eight -1

--october 10-- In this episode: A preview of things to come this season on Fifth Gear. Tiff drives the new Aston Martin V8 Vantage and tests it out on a race track, sideways as usual. Tom goes to an exclusive auction held by Ferrari where tons of rare and expensive Ferrari related items were sold off. Tiff examines the Mazda SASSOU concept car. Vicki races the Porsche 911 Carrera S against the Lotus Exige 240R. Jason finds out if fighter pilots make good drivers and if drivers make good fighter pilots by going flying in a Harrier and by taking a pilot around the track in a Ford GT. The premiere of the brand new one-hour show format

5th Gear 2005 series eight -2

--october 17-- Tiff Needell drives a Williams Formula 1 Grand Prix car; Jason Plato gets a world's first test-drive in the ?380,000 Pagani Zonda F; Jon Bentley investigates killer signposts; Vicki Butler-Henderson races a classic Evo 6 against the very latest Evo 9; and Tom Ford hunts 4x4-hater Ken Livingstone in the new Lexus Hybrid off-roader.

5th Gear 2005 series eight -3

--october 24-- Tom Ford takes the new Bentley Continental Flying Spur on a 24-hour tour of Britain. Tiff Needell test-drives the fastest car in the world. Tiff and Vicki Butler-Henderson team up to enter Silverstone's first-ever 24-hour race.

5th Gear 2005 series eight -4

--october 31-- Jason Plato tests the new Mercedes-Benz S Class. Tom Ford drives a one-of-its kind Maserati and a top-of-the range Ferrari and Vicki Butler-Henderson goes head-to-head with Formula One legend Michael Schumacher.

5th Gear 2005 series eight -5

--november 7-- Jason Plato test-drives the Aston Martin DB9 Volante, the most expensive cars in the world as featured in the popular auto magazine Max Power, and Tiff Needell with the latest on our 200mph Lotus. Plus Vicki Butler-Henderson pays tribute to the underrated Honda NSX.

5th Gear 2005 series eight -6

--november 14-- Vicki Butler-Henderson tries to crack 150mph as she makes an attempt on the bindfolded land speed world record, Tiff Needell drives the Ferrari F430 Spider and Jon Bentley reveals definitively whether expensive petrol is worth the extra cash. Actor and celebrity bike nut Charley Boorman will also be filing a video diary from the Motorcycle Show at the NEC.

5th Gear 2005 series eight -7

--november 21-- Tiff Needell test-drives the new BMW M6, Vicki Butler-Henderson tests the new Mazda MX5 and Jon Bentley reveals the tricks of the trade used by the road traffic investigators.

5th Gear 2005 series eight -8

--november 28-- Jason Plato gets an exclusive drive in the new Ford Focus ST, Tiff Needell plots a course for a London Grand Prix, and Jon Bentley investigates roadblocks.

5th Gear 2005 series eight -9

--december 5-- Tiff Needell negotiates the perilous A537 in a Porsche Cayman. Tom reviews the Honda Civic and Jon Bentley reports on the latest type of car crime.

5th Gear 2005 series eight -10

--december 12-- The team honour the best car of the year at the annual Fifth Gear Awards, there?s a chance to win the Car of the Year and Jason Plato test-drives the brand new Lamborghini Gallardo SE.