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5th Gear, Top Gear, COME AND GET EM'!!!!

justin syder

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Dec 8, 2003
New York, USA
1986 Mercedes-Benz 300E
i got all of the series 1 top gear and 5th gear episodes as of the 28th of Dec. im offering any of these to you for free but a minimum of 1 or 2 per peson. I'll give them to you but you have to give them to someone else too, im gonna give a different episode to everyone that asks and that way i wont have to give out the same vids over again. this way we share with each other and trade for the ones we are looking for. until the vids are up this will have to do, it also alleviates VUK from the tons of requests he gets.

i will edit this when i have given a vid to someone, you must be able to have a means of exchange, msn, ICQ, ftp etc. after i give it to someone i will put their name here and the vid i gave them. you can then communicate with them for an exchange til eventually everyone has exchanged and recieved every vid they want. this will work if we work together like a community.

EDITED_________List of people and vids they have/are getting_______

faxe --has-- Top Gear 12-21-03
tat's a gd idea justin. I think I will put up a list of what videos I have and start trading online using ICQ, ftp or MSN. Will put up a text file on the episodes I have. This will ease VUK's and viper's load.

Here's the link to the list of videos I have.


Please type in the URL do not directly link from here. Thanks!

Please PM me for requests as well. Thanks!
thanks xkwilson, this is the real community i want to be a part of, we are setting an example for the people over at JW. 8)
Hey no problem. I have a suggestion though. Since you've got the entire series 1 of Top Gear. You will be the distributor of tat. I am compiling the entire series 3 now and once I'm done I will be the distributor of series 3. Need somebody else to do series 2. Then we can break down the jobs better.
Gimme! :D I'll post what I have in a few days. :)
I have completed the collection of Series 3 of Top Gear! However it's not the entire series as I do not have the 26th Oct 2003 and 14 Dec 2003 episodes. Anyone who have them kindly let me know? I have already started distributing the episodes to some. Please PM me for requests.
i have that oct 26, its the first ep, pm or im me for it, better to reach my with msn.
This is all of series 2. Pm me if u want them. Need to send to another person though if u get an episode.

-Top Gear 2003.05.11 - Smart roadster, Vinnie Jones, Used Bentley, F355 Replica, McLaren F1, Wildcat.wmv
-Top Gear 2003.05.18 - Rolls Phantom, E-Type, Rover P5, Jamie Oliver, M3 vs S4, Political Race.wmv
-Top Gear 2003.05.25 - VW Touareg, Hyundai Coupe, SC430, Mustang, David Soul, Perodua's Kelisa, Alpina Z8.wmv
-Top Gear 2003.06.01 - Jag R Copue, C Type, MkII, Black Cab, Boris Johnson, XJ, XKR-R, DB7 GT.wmv
-Top Gear 2003.06.08 - 911 Turbo & C4S, Biggest car bore, Anne Robinson, Land Rover, TR6, Clio V6.wmv
-Top Gear 2003.06.15 - Evo VIII vs STI, 206 GTi 180, Palmer Jaguar, Caravan speed record, Richard Whiteley, Fiat 500, VX220.wmv
-Top Gear 2003.06.23 - Koenigsegg, Neil Morrissey, Megane, NCAP, Rolls Silver Cloud, Hummer H2, Talon Riot Control Vehicle.wmv
-Top Gear 2003.06.29 - 350Z, convertibles, Jodie Kidd, Citroen DS, Fastest in the universe, 147GTA.wmv
-Top Gear 2003.07.06 - S60R, Hywire, Audi Quattro, Patrick Stuart, Carver, Vauxhall Signum.wmv
-Top Gear 2003.07.13 - TVR 350c, VW Phaeton, Alan Davis, Caddilac Sixteen, Fastest Disabled Driver, Range Rover.wmv
I want all of those! :D
im lookin for the first 5, ill trade u for them. i have every top gear and 5th gear vid from this season and every top gear 2002 vid. the first series, LETS TRADE!!
Hi Folks!

Finally I registered! :D

I?m really interested in trading too, problem is I only got 2 Fifth Gear and 1 Top Gear Episodes. :wink: (Top Gear: 2003-11-16 ; Fifth Gear: 2003-11-10 & 2003-11-17)

Perhaps somebody would be so kind to send those episodes anyway...
Pleeeaaase! *g*

Greetingz from Germany
Mmmh, I just wanted to say that i?m still very interested in those old Episodes.
The reason is, that I?m afraid Viper won?t put them online again... :cry:

he will put them up, sooner or later.
I'm looking for episode 10 of series 1 (I believe that has a MINI Cooper S test) ? any clues as to where I can download it from?


A 2 year bump, that has to be a record!
Buba said:
A 2 year bump, that has to be a record!
Yeah...Damn, looks like my English was horrible back then! :lol: