' 92Honda Accord

I like funny backstories. Please do tell.

Ok, so a friend of mine, my sister, and her friend decided to take a roadtrip to a little town that's about two hours away, and in the middle of nowhere. So once we get off the highway, we start looking for my sister's friends' grandpa's house, because he was the only person we knew there. We could see his house, but we'd have to travel down a dirt road to get there.

I didn't think it was a problem. Until we encountered a puddle that had been frozen over by a seemingly thick sheet of ice. We all got out, jumped on it to make sure it wouldn't break, and it didn't. So we all get back in, and I gun the engine. The car starts out OK, but then... *CRACK*. The front end of the car went down about a foot. So then we all get out, and try various methods of getting it out, none of which worked. Thankfully, Megan's (Sister's friend) grandpa had a fueling truck that he pulled us out with.

Moral of the story:
Hondas are great, but not for fording giant puddles.
i use to have a 1993 Accord, it was an EXi base model. It has all the basics, fairly reliable, but there was always an issue with the oxygen sensor. However it was a great car, is still wish i'd kept it.