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997 C4


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Jan 4, 2005
Winnipeg, Canada
i have heard rumors that there is not going to be an AWD Carrera 997. Is this true, has anyone elts heard this?

the comment i heard was "since the handling is so spot on, Porsche have decided not to offer an AWD version of this car"

can anyone confirm or deny this?
I think they'll still do it, the Turbo should still be AWD, so why not make an AWD non Turbo?
leif said:
cuz i want a 997 C4S

Well, who doesn't?? :lol:

But if got the money to actually buy one, I'm convinced you'll be able to do so.
The Turbo is gonna be AWD and I don't see any reason why they souldn't offer a Carrera 4 or Carrera 4 S.

That handling argument JC used is bullshit IMO, my bet is they'll offer a 4WD version! :thumbsup: