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A big friendly Hello from me!!!


Jan 1, 2006
What a great forum! A bit about me:

Nickname: ijob
Other Stuff: Classic mini driver, proud resident of Liverpool, UK. Gaming nutter and father of two.
Massive Top Gear Fan!!!!!

Check out my personal Blog for more details and picture etc....

ijob's blog/i am the stig


Have you met ESPNSTI yet? I'm sure he'll be glad to see another geezer on the board! (j/k) :p Look around, watch some eps, watch out for Ren, and just have a good time! :thumbup:
Hi! :wave:
:cheers: :burnrubber:
Hehe sounds like a cool bio, although you're in the wrong section but ah well..

welcome mate!
CyberMonkey said:
On his blog?


The above mini is my old one. Here are pics of my recent one, owned for 5 years :thumbsup:

A big thanks for the warm welcome.

The mini's specs can be found: Here



More pics in the pictures section of my site: Here
Looks immaculate! The Union Jack door is a nice touch. :thumbsup: