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a chick in which car would turn u on the most


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Nov 29, 2004
Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
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man i was thinkin if i ever saw a chick in 4x4 truck which has been pimped,i would be damn turned on....maybe a chick in a skyline...wow tat be damn hot...i dunno if this thread has been posted...like to c wat u guys think
lol... it would definetly be a new mini-cooper... that is the ultimate chick car. I've told that to all the ladies when they ask me what car should I buy :D . It would be great to see a girl driving a evo or Impreza though
Frankly, I could care less. I pay more attention to girls than cars when the two are combined.
andyhui01 said:
the same girl would look more appealing if she drove a Viper than a toyota tercel eh ;)
As I said, the hotness of a chick isn't determined by the car she drives.

But would it improve the overall package? Of course! :thumbup:
Viper007Bond said:
As I said, the hotness of a chick isn't determined by the car she drives.
I think it does, since it shows the personality (assumed that it's her car).
A girl that drives an Alfa Romeo GTV has a lot more to her than if she would have a Golf 1.4 (IMHO ;-) ). It shows that she cares about what car she drives and how it looks. At least as a first impression... later on it might turn out to be the Golf-chick that has the most interesting personality, but I doubt it... ;-)
B5-gen Audi S4. Not so ritzy that it seems like her husband/boyfriend/father/whatever bought it for her, and enough of an enthusiast's car to know she appreciates a fine automobile.

Plus, it's one of my all-time dream cars. :blush:
Well, has to be a drop top to see her blonde hair blowing in the wind! :D

I'd probably say a Canary Yellow 360 Spyder

but then again, I'm not gonna be unimpressed by this chick:


To me it won't matter. As long as she listens to electronic music then everything is cool. :lol: