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a collection of vettes


"bangle for president"
Jan 14, 2004
Volvo V40 & Yamaha Banshee
...which may be painted baby blue someday :?
read the text



see here fore way more pics
Damn stupid hippy artist dickhead wanker!!! :x :x :x

Sell them and give them to people who actually care about and appreciate cars you tool!!!

It's people like this who really shit me!!! Argh!!!

Damn it, this has made me so angry now! :evil:
thats so shitty. he was going top paint all those vettes in hippy colors :shock: if i saw a multicolored 53 vette pass me i would shoot the driver. :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :x :cry:
Whoa, that reminds me of the crazy German nutter, who opened a car museum in a forrest. Letting unbelievably rare classics rot away there. I can understand the desire of artists to create something special. But is the exact opposite. He doesn't create, he destroys a part of history . :thumbsdown:
The cars are already works of art, giving them shite paint jobs isn't.

On a super rare classic car it's criminal to do this.

Guy needs shooting.
Told of Max?s plan for them, though, he says, ?From a car enthusiast?s standpoint, they?re worth more in their deteriorated condition than if they were painted by Peter Max.?

Exactly. Hippies are stupid. :thumbsdown: "It is art"... bullshit looneys.
Seen it before over at DS.

Anyway, yeah, definetly should be restored. Couple million dollars worth of cars there...