A Forum Star In A Reasonably Priced Car [Suzuki Swift, flying start]

The only changes we need is a proper standing start, like oh i don't know every bloody GT game. <_< (and practice laps)
We'll have to test to see if it affects the times significantly. Also, please don't beat my time, it's exam time I do want to be pried away. :p

We'll see. I have two reports due next week and 3 exams within the next two weeks, so I am pretty busy as well. (Got laid off In February, so I am now going back to school to finish my degree I started in 2004) that's why I have not played in so long.

However, I'm not making any promises :p
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I am referring to this change in Patch 1.13.

"Prohibited driving areas on the Top Gear Test Track have been adjusted"

Thats just the Chicago cut? I don't think anyone was cutting that anyway? Least i hope not. :cry:
I didn't know what changes were made.

I admit that I do straddle the line coming out of Chicago sometimes. Don't remember what line I took for my best time. I'll have to check the replay. (Hopefully I still have it, I upgraded my PS3s hard drive to 640gb. But I did do a backup)
I still have the replay saved, but it will not show in the replay theater? I did a backup and upgraded my PS3's hard drive. I deactivated it and then reactivated it (Had to do it to get my movies and TV shows to work). Could this have messed up the replay file or something? My saved game file works just fine.
Yeah we should probably revisit this, I just ran a 1:31.498. Not sure if it's the 2.0, or the fact that my engine has broken in to 129hp. Either way I don't think it's valid. We should probably set a hp limit now that we can easily control it.
Yea that's one thing I forgot to mention, the brakes are definitely different.
Spec 2.0 is up, what if people buy the engine chip and then detune to the correct BHP/PP?
Will that make it stock, or will it make it more torquey and corrupt the results?
I think what that would do is flatten the power curve. PP takes this into account, but an HP limit doesn't. For most efficient PP, you want a huge power spike, which is less usable but certainly fast. For most efficient HP, you want that HP available on the whole rev range which does increase PP.

We're on the honor system here, so why not just say keep it stock. Oil change, break-in and wear&tear are still variables so we can impose an HP limit for that reason, it's not perfect but de-tuning an HP or two isn't going to be a huge difference.
I don't think there should be any power mods, just pick a nice round hp number and stick with it. Obviously the number will have to be less than or equal to showroom hp (not the listed, but what actually shows up when you go to tune it). I'm guessing it will be somewhere around 125.
I'm happy with 129. People will just have to keep checking their limits before they do a laptime.
But what about those who haven't broken theirs in yet? F em?

What I used to do, was have two cars. Both stock, but a practice car and a 0 miler. I'd obviously use the 0 miler for the lap.

No solution is great.
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