A Forum Star In A Reasonably Priced Car [Suzuki Swift, flying start]

at first i thought i'll bring it back to walmart but the game stuck inside wasnt bought at walmart , so i called sony and sent me a box to ship the unit back , but a friend of mine told me we usualy dont get our game disc back . So i got myself mentaly ready to buy an other gt5 game and go to walmart to exchange the ps3. So i told them if they can get the disc out they would have a gt5 for free , so they tried to get it out , after 20mins they called a supervisor and explained what happened , . well the supervisor told the clerk to give me a gt5 game for free =) i was soo happy =)
So we looking at 31-32 lap timees now? I'll crank up GT5 now and have a shot at it. :)

We'll need a few times before we get an idea whats fast enough to deemed "needs a replay".

Edit: 1:31.857 for now. Can probably get into the low 31's.
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We'll need a few times before we get an idea whats fast enough to deemed "needs a replay".

On another hotlap competition elsewhere there was a system where you only needed to supply a replay if you made the lap record. Something like that might reduce the number of replays Aston needs to verify. With the rolling start there's not much you can do to cheat without getting your lap invalidated anyway.
I haven't mentioned anything about replays for the new board yet.
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I finally had some more time to play this game. I got a 131.931 after a few laps.
Just did a 131.409. I don't feel like messing with unplugging and moving one of my cameras tonight so I'll post a replay up tomorrow unless someone comes by and beats my time. We are just doing it to where whoever gets the top time pots a replay right?
I've been gone for a week, finally got on GT5 tonight and put in some quick laps... came here to post my 1:37.160 and the bloody rules have changed!

I'll try some rolling starts tomorrow and see how I go.
I think I will have to try this once my B-Spec farming is done in a couple hours.

BTW, About the difficulty of setting up standing starts: I was trying some standing laps in the "My Lounge" online mode with a 1-lap solo TGTT race and found myself getting decently realistic times (1:22-ish with a Stratos Rally car on Sports Soft tires and a tuned suspension to iron out the original settings' horrible balance issues), and you even get a countdown and placed right on the line every time you start and you can save replays. The only difficulty would come when people start entering the room, but I haven't had to deal with it yet.

EDIT: I just did my first Suzuki laps and I pulled a 1:33.270 with a DFP.

I just have one question: Are we using a Suzuki Swift in GT Life's Practice Mode from our garages or a Suzuki Swift in Arcade mode's Arcade Only garage? Since cars in GT Life gain a little bit of power after use and the suspensions loosen up (supposedly) there could be inconsistencies between cars. I'm driving in arcade mode and a low 1:31 time just doesn't seem possible with the car as it is. Maybe I'm just a lot slower than I thought... I'm gonna get back to the track and keep trying to garner a better time.
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1:32.250. There is still half a second in that 2nd to last corner for me, but I have no idea how you guys are getting low 31s.

Maybe I'm just out of my league? We'll see :)
Update for me: 1:32.377 w/ DFP
-In GT Life Practice Mode

I know I lose around 0.5" to my old ghost at Hammerhead and I'm pretty sure there's at least 0.3" left in the Penultimate Corner and Gambon and some line cleaning up to do throughout the course. I now know the line that gets the best time, I just need to pull my best sections together into a full lap (or, rather, 2 laps to get the speed across the line). I kinda had an epiphany when I stopped locking up the brakes. :p
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I think most people are racing in GT mode.

well i was trying it in arcade mode, i had figured that the car from arcade was accessible to everyone and also it doesnt have the oil change thingy in arcade . but if everyone is doing it in GT mode , i guess i'll go buy a new car =)