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A relieving game after a hard day at work


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May 29, 2004
That was O.K. Now where is some relaxing game ? I'm to tired to move the Mouse. :lol:
haha, i love these kind of games.... :thumbsup:
saw nothing there :? an empty page with a flash movie that won't load and the text "Bad Request"
Jostyrostelli said:
Maybe you should turn of the 'Parental Control' Voodoo :lol:


Oh, and what are you doing up at 6:23 am? ;)
hehe seems the site was down, now I see it :lol:
Really relieving after work as you said josty, if only you can skin the heads of the little matchstick men to show ur boss' face
Jostyrostelli said:
I am eating breakfast before I get on the train to school :)

What about you?

I was still up. Here it was only 5:23 :) I know I should get to bed earlier, but I really like the night quietness (and it's when I can see Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien ;) )