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A site for Mercedes owners with problems


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Oct 4, 2004

I read far from everything, but a few intersesting stories and comments!

Betty writes:
I have a 2003 E320 with an upgraded audio system. The system has failed 8 times despite technical adjustments by the dealer.

Arousiak writes:
I have leased my E320 2003 model in August of 2002. Loved it and had no problems. When the car was due for it's first oil change I took it to Rusnak Pasadena and they changed the oil and 3 days later I got on the freeway and the breaks went off on me. I had no way to stop the vehicle. I wanted to return the car back to the dealer and they would not accept it back, so I had to hire an attorney. I nearly died driving an E320 2003.

Vicki writes:
I have a 1999 E320 4matic wagon. I am the original owner and the car has a measly 37,000 miles on it after five years. Recently, the car caught fire in my garage in the middle of the night. Had it not been for a smoke detector in the garage, the entire house may have burned. We contact MB and were told that if it was a part failure, they "would take care of it." Just today, over a month after the incident, we were informed that, yes, it was a factory part failure and yes, it was their responsibility, but too bad, they are not going to do anything about it. So now my $50,000 car is a heap of melted metal. Great customer service.

Ann writes:
I purchased my first MB in April 2004. She is a Starmarked 1999 E430, beautiful. I purchased the 2 year extended warranty - thank God! Since the purchase date the following isssues have occured:

1. Cracking and Popping of Front Seat - $780 to repair - declined repair. 2. Airbag sensor replaced. 3. Rear Left Window regulator replaced. 4. Harmonic Balance went. Too many items repaired due to this issue to detail here. 5. Rear Diffarential (sp) Leaking - replaced. 6. Two lights have burned out.

I am going to have to sell her before the three years of warranties are up. Lexus here I come.

Bill writes:
what's the current status? Did you file for lemon law? I bought my SL500 from Fletcher and have had many problems, leaking roof, elect, all the leather turned green and has been replaced, doors will unlock when you hit a bump, fuel gauage, paint and body damage while in for service.Fletcher sends out warranty work to non MDUSA certified shops and use cheap labor as well as replacement parts that are not MB. I have filed a lemon law against MBUSA and Flectcher Jones. I have a court date for Sept 2nd.
Lol at the leaking roof and the green leather :?

Sharyl writes:
I purchased my 1999 SL500 Sport 'pre-owned' with 23000 miles and an extended "StarMark Warranty" covering the car up to a full 2 years/100000 miles. New, this car cost almost 99000 US Dollars. Thus far, I've enjoyed:

- Chipping quickly wearing paint at all surfaces exposed to head-on road debris
- Uneven wearing of the front tires not comparable to the rear
- Dash lights going out then on again intermittently
- A trunk lid which won't open, seemingly, if the temperature is over 85 deg F. Of course, the dealer can't reproduce the problem.
- Wearing leather not commensurate with the car's use
- A driver's window which vibrates mercilessly when it rains
- A transmission that once disengaged as I tried to merge into high speed traffic
- Extreme brake noise/squeal. I'm told that 'It's Normal'
I'm bracing for further problems. Time to consider other brands.

Peter writes:
I purchased a 2003 S500 last April. In the six months I have owned the car it has been back to the dealer 7 times for repairs to power seats and support cylinder replacement on deck lid. The car was delivered with a small scratch in command center screen. It is visible only with radio off and bright sun over your shoulder. The dealer & factory rep told me that they would not cover replacement under warranty. You need to have your lawyer and very sharp eyes when you take delivery! Lumbar feature on extra cost multicontour seats deflates constantly. Dealer cannot find source of problem. Memory functions erratic, passenger head rest cycles up & down every time car is started with no passenger!! I believe that this car is too complicated with computer functions that are impossible to fix by dealers.

Hmm, talking about quality eh? :roll:
Let's put it in perspective using Google.

999.000 results for audi lemon.
873,000 results for kia Lemon
1,540,000 results for hyundai Lemon.
1.570.000 results for toyota lemon.
1.900.000 results for ford lemon.
2.420.000 results for bmw lemon.
3.280.000 results for honda lemon.
3.290.000 results for dodge lemon.
3.930.000 results for mercedes lemon.

Ouch !
Oh dear... not what you expect from MB (hell, not what you expect from Daewoo).

Though to be fair - there's probably sites like that for most brands (of course it doesn't make any of those problems less significant)

Edit: Swek's googling suggests otherwise...