No 56k: A thread about ninjacoco's balls

Of course useless NFT boy's silly doodle has no balls. Seems irrelevant to this thread, but it sounds like he technically did the thing. Give him his record, you cowards...then make a real dong doodle that's even bigger and includes the balls. What kind of weirdo doodles a wiener with no balls?

(Mine have no weak, floppy dingdong attached and there is no image software capable of handling their size, so...not it.)
I think I might've skipped the photo. They're so small and waiting in line for such tiny balls seemed like a waste.

Such cute tiny balls!

(Mine are bigger.)
That reminds me...I've learned of another name for "Rocky Mountain oysters": "Swinging meat".

And also TIL this exists:

But don't worry, there's also a vegan version:
Putting the pre-teabagged beer in here, inside this snuggly little ballsack of a thread.

My balls cannot fit in a glass, for better or for worse.
I have bigger balls than a fossil!

...but it's pretty incredible whenever soft tissue gets fossilized, so I gotta hand it to this bug ball for persevering.
{ scratches balls }

Good morning, balls thread!

A pair of Coco Nuts? Couldn't be. Far too small.
I bet that those balls are faster than your balls.