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A trip to Koenigsegg factory

Seen this already (as it's from May 2005) :p

Wouldn't mind paying a visit there though ;)
It's a real shame, because when I was in Sweden last summer, it only occured to me on the 2nd to last day that we weren't that far from the factory. Sadly it was too late to go and visit, but I'll make an effort to go next time I'm in Sk?ne (the name of the southern area of Sweden :))
Can you just go there and look? I thought that for most places like that (eg Ferarri, Lambo) there are rarely opportunities for a factory tour unless you're filthy rich....
Well...being a small company in a small country where there aren't that many tourists I don't think they would have any trouble with you turning up at the factory gates :p I would have just been interested to see what the facility was like, and whether they were running any cars. If you go to the Pagani factory in Modena, if they're relatively quiet they will often give you a tour of the factory. The thing is, the people dedicated enough to actually go all that way and turn up at the facility are probably very few, therefore it's not too much of an effort to show people around :)
ArosaMike said:
If you go to the Pagani factory in Modena, if they're relatively quiet they will often give you a tour of the factory.

Do you know that for a fact? If so, that's awesome - I and my fiance are trying to decide where to go for a honeymoon, and I really want to go to Italy, and hopefully check out the Ferarri, Lambo, and Pagani sites... :thumbsup:
It was mentioned in Evo, and some guy wrote in to say that he went unanounced and Horatio Pagani himself took them round the factory. They were also treated to a C12 being started up for them!
Wow that was a treat, I have much more respect for the Koenigseggs. Especially with all the carbon fiber and what not, I still love my Paganis too.
I love the look of naked carbon fiber, as much as I love the look of polished carbon fiber. Carbon fiber panels, carbon fiber

doors, carbon fiber seats, carbon fiber door handles, even carbon fiber vents! :drool:


Christian Von Koenigsegg is now officially one of the coolest people in the industry. He's got the look of a mildly perturbed

hitman, even as he's just achieved his (lifelong?) dream. Respect, sir. :thumbsup: