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A1 grand prix


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Feb 14, 2005
westport co.mayo ireland
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so lets get the ball rolling just heard today that ireland will have a team witch will be great havent got much elce news one it.

so does you country have a team and
whats your views on it,

will it be the next f1?

my answer i bloddy hell hope so f1 is soo boring now and the only time you get to over take is in the pits and who the hell wants that??!!!!
do you have the list of the countries that will be participating?
No TV deal in the US. Yet. :(
Re: A1 grand prix

mattshaw said:
anto-t said:
will it be the next f1?

WILL PEOPLE STOP ASKING THAT!! its not meant to compete with F1!!!

well i think it is why not??????
in 2008 it may be the only worldwide grand prix serice left and it is competing to see whitch is better for veiwers and everything elce so yes it is competing agaist f1
which is why the owner of A1 GP said himself that its not meant to compete with them? if they were going to compete why would he make sure that the series starts when the F1 series ends?
I'm Japanese so I'm naturally waiting for Japan to announce their participation. Japan has a colorful assortment of driving talent. Most likely, they'll choose the best from Formula Japan--their open wheel sprint car series.
Sorry to bump :oops:

Not that I care that much for A1GP, but how do I find out whos broadcasting the races in Australia? I checked a1.com but it dont say there :unsure:
I saw an ad for it last night, i can't remember what channel though. I have a dark feeling that it will be Fox Sports :thumbsdown:

But a control car with nations competing against each other? Brilliant, excellent! Such a good idea!
I checked around the site and I cannot find out if it will be broadcasted in USA. Anybody know if it will be?
I was going to go and see A1 GP at Brands Hatch but my dad or big bro did not have the money. If I was able to drive i would of gone on my own to A1 GP.
someone PLEASE record and upload or torrent these races for us poor shmucks in the USA!!