I honestly can't tell if that post is sarcasm or serious.

I would say 100% serious. He really believes that god works in mysterious ways and so any suffering can be covered up knowing that.
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Oh, and don't forget to blame the mother for it, too, somehow, as is often the case....like it was her fault and that God decided she needed/deserved it.
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Y'all Qaeda hard at work

Abortion Trafficking = Driving though that county to a state where it is legal to get an abortion.

Theory here is to terrify poor women. If you are poor you're trapped.


In Colorado you can see the abortion bans have changed things. For example a significant portion of Wyoming women come here to Colorado for healthcare. Not abortions but just general OBGYN appointments. The reason why is Wyoming laws have made doctors fearful of practicing women's medicine there. Again not proving abortions but the likelihood of having to provide care to a woman who might seek an abortion has spooked them.