We are just steps away from one of these states giving a child the death penalty for the murder of thousands for masturbating.

It sounds funny but you know it's not far from the truth after abortion they will target contraception, porn, lingerie, spicy meals, innuendo, Othello the game, Othello the play, Othello the book, Midsummer Night Dream...
Kiki and I are going to freeze a bunch of embryos and claim them as dependents.
It’s almost as if a bunch of greedy and power-hungry anti-science old men shouldn’t be the ones entrusted with the political decisions on scientific issues.
A statue of a women = Abortion = Satan?

In normal New York the statue was displayed without incident.
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Texas on the other hand

No mention of Satan but thats just the type of thing Satan would want you to think

Perhaps the statue should be renamed as “Q.E.D.”?
I'll be honest, not what I was expecting out of Montana.

William Claude Jones, the Speaker of the House for the AZ Territory when their 1864 abortion law was passed (they wouldn’t become a state for another 48 years) Jones considered himself a politician, poet, fabulist, and "pursuer of nubile females" Three days after the legislative session ended, Jones married a 15 year old girl. He was 49. From his grave in Hawaii, he has decided reproductive rights for women in Arizona in 2024, thanks to Trump.

The sexual age of consent for “women” in the Arizona Territory in 1864 was ten because of him too.
See how they scurry away from what they wanted.

It's like how after every shooting it's too soon to do something. Columbine Massacre happened 30 years ago it's too fresh to reasonable think that legislation wouldn't be tainted by our emotions. Why not ban abortions for 20 or 50 years and see if you like your government obligated family?

Hobbs discuss the ruling on ABC’s ‘The View’ Friday morning. Following the decision, Hobbs emphasized that her executive order shielding abortion patients and doctors would stand, but she said on Friday that isn’t guaranteed.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty and that’s why I immediately called for this ban to be repealed,” said Hobbs. “And the Legislature should do the right thing for Arizonans and repeal this ban.”

Hobbs again called on state lawmakers to follow through with repealing the ban, criticizing the vote to adjourn they took earlier this week.

“They say they have the votes to repeal the ban and yet they voted with the majority to adjourn instead of take that vote,” Hobbs said. “They need to get this done.”

The governor also addressed former president Donald Trump’s influence, who recently commented that the ban goes too far.

“I am pretty tired of cleaning up Donald Trump’s messes in Arizona,” she said. “This is really nothing but political opportunism coming from these folks who wanted this.”

Hobbs added that action on the matter can’t wait until election season to be solved.