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AC Schnitzer 5er


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Jan 28, 2004
Edmonton, Alberta
the new AC Schnitzer bodykit and wheels for the BMW e60 5er:


Looks nice (not a very good color) and I'm not a fan of the wheels but the bodykit follows the lines and it's good looking except the small vent on the sides. Any ass end pics?
this is the only one that shows the rear

ahh.. I like the rear less... the rear lip stick out too much for my liking
Hmm...the bodykit improves the look of the 5 series so much better. But I still feel that the front headlights is terrible.
It's an improvement, but godamn, I still think the new 5 series is one of the ugliest cars ever. If down syndrome were a car, it would be the 5 series (not trying to offend anyone).

The front is much better with the body kit and looks way cooler, but it's still not right. It's not a BMW. It's too flamboyant.