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Someone Else's Problem: Acrofatic barge deluxe: 2007 Audi S6 Avant, or: The howlwagon

Headlight lenses went really foggy over the past few months:

Finally I did some restoration work today, first dry sandig with 800, and later wet sanding with 2000 and 3000 paper. After that I polished the glass with a sealer. Result:


More important:
"I was promised hover cars by 2015! It's 2022 and I still don't... Eh, ok" :LOL:

Yeah, new summer rubber all around = the roadtrip season is on!

Buzzing off today, heading without time constriction towards Grasse in France, whilst taking all the swiss and french alpine passes inbetween:

After that not much is planned (as I like it that way), just about 10 days of alternating between V10 hooning through the french countryside visiting some points of interest, and beach bumming it at the Cote d'Azur. (y)
Look out for the guy with a death wish at 04:04
I was fully prepared to see a cyclist right there and wanted to complain that he had every right of being there... but then I remembered you know better and also: WTF rollerblades? on a country road? honestly? :eek: wow
^ Granted this road runs all the way parallel to the Autobahn and hence has barely any traffic on it all day, but still it's a 80km/h road (=100km/h for petrolheads lol), so atleast wear some day-glow clothes.
just about 10 days of alternating between V10 hooning through the french countryside visiting some points of interest, and beach bumming it at the Cote d'Azur. (y)
I'll be in the Francotalian Alps from about August 3rd :wave:
Well this was a really exzessive week of V10 hooning so far, much fun was had. GF lands tomorrow in Nice, she gets sick in the car over pass roads even when driven calm, so that's the reason why she comes by plane. Three days together at the beaches, then she takes the plane again, while I take on the french/italian/swiss pass roads again. My kind of holidays.

First video: The long sweeping north climb of the Furka Pass in Switzerland, did this on Monday. Sadly my DJI camera had sound problems.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VAJzZpS5Bk
Gorgeous views. The photo of the wheel is actually giving me mild UK roadtrip flashbacks though.

If you had a Tesla you would have much less brake dust and a lot less expense in fuel, while having equal or more power. I don't expect you to give up the V10 for one but I know you were interested and I like teasing. :p
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Found another hooning video from my 2022 summer roadtrip:
Proper V10 sound comes at 0:30 (my cam had problems), overtaking at 0:13 and 2:20, a nice driver giving space at 4:00, and you can hear me resigning with a "tja...hehe...ok" when I catch up to a long line of cars at 4:40 shortly before the top = fun is over, time to chill :LOL:

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJv-EzooE6s
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I gotta say (again), I'm jealous of the proximity to all those epic passes. That rules so hard.
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I own this car for about 20 months now, and I only just noticed how menacing these Terminator eyes actually look, when I parked the S6 up next to a regular A6 yesterday. :oops:
I also noticed for the first time the darkness of my windshield. No idea what's going on there. Is it actually tinted?

Anyway, I was just amused to be able to randomly compare my car to a regular A6 in 1:1, the big fat wheels do make a difference.


Currently at 241'000km (150'000mi), it's all good apart from a few electrical gremlins which seems to be normal for a 15/16yo daily driver: 1.) Sometimes the two front doors stay locked when you open the car with the central lock key button. Other days to they open without any problems. Sure, the doors can still be unlocked with using the actual key when this happens, but it's a bit of a nuisance, as it happends so utterly at random. - 2.) The automatic rear tailgate works again, but only when you use the outside latch, the dedicated button on the inside of the lid seems to be dead.


Also one thing I still have problems with after all this time is the extremly over-sensitive accelerator pedal when you drive off from a standstill when the car is in sport mode. It's all tame and fine in regular mode, but in sport mode it's basicly some sort of unwanted launch mode: The engine hurls to over 3000 revs (where all the power is), and then just dumps the clutch :BANG, and off you go. - But apparently all S6 models are set up like this, judging from some internet research. šŸ¤”
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