Advice: looking for a new phone


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Dec 9, 2008
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Hi guys, I recently decided to buy myself a new phone as my old and trusty k800i broke down :(. I don't know very much about phones these days although I do have basic knowledge of the different operating systems out there (like android, windows mobile, ios, etc.). I hope you can make my decision a bit easier.

What's important: Wi-fi connection, Good screen, Pdf reader, Office, Lots of apps and games, GPS, good browser
What's not important: the integrated camera, weight & dimensions

I tried out a Samsung Google Nexus S today and I absolutely loved it so that's my first choice at the moment. The screen was great, it responded very very fast and the interface was very nice to use.

That's also the indicator of how much I want to spend (about 243 euros as I will get it much cheaper as I want to move from Orange to Vodafone). I'm also open to buying used for about the same ammount of money as well (a used Iphone goes for that kind of money here).
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