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Alexander Bernard Harris, shot dead and viewed in his Lambo

justin syder

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Dec 8, 2003
New York, USA
1986 Mercedes-Benz 300E
Alexander Bernard Harris, was some hip-hop mogul from Miami, was shot dead in his car then placed it in for friends and family attending his wake to be viewed in.

story, scroll down some:


Fucking creppy, I saw the pic and its not disgusting or anything but just plain creppy as hell. I wouldnt want that Murcielago even for free. :thumbsdown: :?

(Heard this from a story about shopping for used exotics in a car mag. The car was sold on Ebay for about $180,000.)
Wow that's creepy... but hey, if that's what the guy wanted

Oh, and he was shot at a "stylish barber shop", not in the car.
Did it say that was what he wanted? I skimmed the story so :oops: .

If you wouldnt mind having that car for free, the car he was propped up in, let me know. Explain your side too, Id like to see who would want that car. :?
No siree, I wouldn't want that car, just far too creepy. Though I could trade it on a DB9 I suppose

justin syder said:
If you would wouldnt mind

Any chance of getting that in English?? :p
:bangin: Correction made smartass. :mrgreen: :p

And no, that would be cheating, using it to trade up for something else.

I dont want it and you said you dont so lets see if anyone wouldnt mind having that corpse car, no trading it or selling it. You would be the owner...and possibly have a co-driver too. :lol:
Ultra_Kool_Dude said:
I'd still want it. If I had that guy in it I wouldn't even need an alarm system. :lol:

Lol, who would steal a Lambo with a "stylish" black man sitting in it? :lol: :lol:

i'd have it and sell it and get another one

Jason that would be too easy, of course most ppl would get rid of it or use it to get something else, etc.

Would you keep it?
The only reason I wouldn't take it is because it had a decomposing body in the driver's side. I don't believe in ghosts and all this mumbo jumbo, so that wouldn't be the reason why I wouldn't take it.
:lol: ///M, I KNEW you would say that.
Guess what, he's absolutely right ;).
But I would check first for weird smells in the car or spots on the seat :)
I'd take it, rip out the seats and carpeting, get it sanitized and dissinfected, then get completely new seats, carpets, and anything else that was infected from Lambo.

Oh, and maybe a new paintjob.
good plan :)

But I guess they just crushed it into a cube and buried it together with him :/
Or something like that :)