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Alfa Romeo poised to re-enter North American market

Dr. Woo

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Jan 3, 2005
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CHANTILLY, Va. ? Rolls-Royce executive James G. Selwa, who relaunched that luxury-car company in the United States under BMW AG three years ago, has been tapped to run Fiat Auto's Maserati and Alfa Romeo brands in North America.

The move signals the widely anticipated return of the Italian brand Alfa Romeo to the U.S.

Selwa was chosen by former BMW and Rolls-Royce chief Karl-Heinz Kalbfell, who is running Alfa Romeo worldwide.

Kalbfell confirmed earlier this year that Alfa plans to return to the U.S., but would not give a timetable. He said, "North America is a must for a brand like Alfa Romeo."

Selwa has a proven track record for start-ups, reports Automotive News. The 53-year-old Selwa is credited with establishing the Rolls-Royce import organization and dealer network in North America, after the brand was relaunched in January 2003.

What this means to you: It'll be interesting to see how Kalbfell and Selwa elbow their way into the American market with the Alfa Romeo.
its great that they are brining in Alfa Romeo's... not that the americans would know how to appreciate it... but Alfa Romeo's are just Automobile art to me :D
Alfa is the only interesting one, I don't see anyone wanting a fiat these days. Fiat is the division that really needs help.
As an american, I would completely and utterly appreciate these cars, I :heart: the 147 GTA...in red :drool:
Cruzz563 said:
As an american, I would completely and utterly appreciate these cars, I :heart: the 147 GTA...in red :drool:
Me too, but you have to admit we aren't the average yankee. :lol: I'd be interested in an Alfa if Saab starts to really go down hill. Hoping it doesn't come to that, but we'll see.
do it quick dammit, Alfa's new designs sucks. Give me time to buy a GT before they fuck it up!
i remeber reading about one alfa that had a 12.5:1 compression
and needed 98 octance..we don't have that in the states......