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All Cars You Can buy for $100


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Jan 24, 2004
After watching Top Gear I desided to start this forum.
If you can find a car that costs $100 Post It Here.
If you can Get Pictures that would be great.
That's sooooo little. We don't have the pay-to-dump-your-car thingy really and so no one is left with POS cars.
100 Pounds would be like 248$ CDN but I don't think you can get aything running for so little! :shock:

well maybe but not much! :lol:
hehe, That DODGE COLT 100DL 1991 so cool, but I bet you can bring the price down to 100 bucks if you talked to the owner.
any man that would buy that should replace the fuzzy dice with his balls as he would not be a man the second he steps in that piece of shit embarrassment of a car. :wink:
if you look around, you find them, an older couple that sells their car, or one that has been standing still for the last couple of years, but those cars aren't posted on the internet. i have friends who don't do anything else, buy terribly cheap cars, repair them where necessary and sell them.

well, most of the cars got wrecked before he had the chance to sell them, but it was his intention :p

one of them once bought an opel manta GT for like 25$. and several '89 honda civics for less than 100$ (those things are fun when stripped down :p )