All things crispy and crunchy

The Burts chips I showed above, are being fried in sunflower oil. They are thick and very crispy, with a somewhat strong seasoning. Yet you still have the potato flavour through the spices. Like with all strong flavours not everyone's taste maybe, but I like them.
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I notice your image only lists one olive oil... The one I noted has a relatively low smoke point. This has a few more oils, including multiple types of olive oil and lists more (though not a huge amount of) details about the sunflower oils listed. Notice highly refined olive oils can get to over 450?F / 230?C.

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Speaking of the new "natural chips" fashion: These are now being sold at REWE here:


Very tasty, better than the Burts ones I posted above.
My favorite of those chips is the Spicy Thai. Nummy.
These are my favourites. Fried in canola oil.


I also like classic Lay's. There was a period when I liked Pringles, but I can't stand them anymore. The taste is kind of too strong in them.
Bollywood chips??? Does that mean choreographed dancers come out of the can in song and dance?
I have a new weakness. French fried onions is what we call them here. They're very, very thinly sliced onions, lightly battered and fried. They're fried to a point of being golden brown and delicious all the way through - no soft onion in the middle - so they're fine at room temperature. While these things are used in casseroles (they're practically required for green bean casserole), I've started to munch them out of hand. They have the satisfying texture and saltiness of potato chips/crisps, but also have their delicious fried onion flavor. Soooo goooooood. I've been eating French's variety straight out of the can, but one can make them oneself, too. Just make sure you slice them thin enough and cook them long enough, or some of the softness of the onion will remain, throwing off the texture (and making them not work right when cold).

These are sometimes found topping hamburgers, too. Also delicious there.

And an inline image of a homemade variety. Because delicious.
They are delicious anywhere. I use them on casseroles and burgers, like you said, and I also use them as the finishing touch on cheesesteak sandwiches.
Know what also makes a great crust for fish or chicken? Corn flakes and tortilla chips. (Probably not together, though.)
Sorry for the thread necromancy, but I just bought a bag each of these:

Which are the tortilla chip equivalent of these:

Which are the taco version of these:

I'm beginning to think that Doritos is the BMW of the snack food business...
Well, that too; but I meant marketing-wise, Doritos is going for so many niches they're starting to copy themselves. Tortilla chips that taste like tacos that taste like tortilla chips?
Thai sweet chilli sensations are maybe the best crisps ever. However ASDA had these on offer...


I'm not going to say they're better than Thai Sweet - but its as good as, and praise doesn't come any higher than that. :clarkson:
Not that I'm easily influenced, but I just came back from Tesco with this:


Just tried the Thais, not sure I would go as far as best crisps ever, but...

Edit: On second thoughts, they really are addictive. I just almost went through a full 175g bag in one sitting :|

Edit 2: The Mexican Fiery Sweet Chipotle are awesome. I wasn't expecting that, but I like them better than the Thai.
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There's tesco in Canada?
I am currently in sunny Brighton, UK :)