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Well, it's not as possible to scale to that today. As I recall GM was producing cars for about a decade with an absurdly small number of key patterns, you had something like a one in eight chance of your key working in any given GM produced vehicle.

That was BL.

GM wasn't much better. They actually had way more different patterns but so many were so close to each other than you could actually open most GMs with just a few basic keys.
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A computer forensics specialist who commented on the happenings of the incident was able to narrow down just how the alleged stolen Tesla was taken with such reported ease. The person allegedly responsible for taking the car is believed to have reached out to Tesla's customer support to add the stolen Model 3 to his Tesla account by its vehicle identification number. Once the vehicle was accessible on a smartphone that was signed into this person’s account, he was reportedly able to unlock the car and drive away without ever needing a key.
Though Tesla has the highest rate of theft recovery, it still looks to reduce the number of events which occur. Recently Tesla has addressed this problem by adding a PIN-to-drive function. This enables owners to require a PIN (in addition to a key fob or authenticated phone) before actually driving off with the vehicle.

Good job Tesla, you have figured out the technology that Ford had on their cars since the 90s at least
If only there were some sort of a unique physical device that the owner could carry on them and insert into a special slot inside the car before it could be driven....
I read that one today, that's hella weird also love how people have no idea that they can use them as regular keys
in other news: if you step in water, you get wet...
A future update should stop the update when it is being driven.
I was listening to an NPR story about 5G wireless technology. The guest was talking about how 5G will have to do so much more than what we think of today due to the rise of The Internet of Things and Connected Devices (both are things I fucking hate). He used cars as an example; they need to connect to streaming media (looks around the Xterra - Nope), cellular navigation (nope), OTA firmware updates (nope), two-way security (nope), remote diagnostics (nope), cellular remote-start and door locking (nope and nope).

He also went on to talk about the need for security with your internet connected fridge (nope, also, that's a thing? fucking why?), automated home device like Google Home or Alexa (nope), networked thermostat (nope), networked front door lock (huh? hell no!), garage door opener (who comes up with this shit? Fuck no) and half a dozen other "smart" things people have in their homes that apparently will need to run off 5G and won't go through your home router - meaning you can't block traffic from that device.

Yeah, I know I sound like a luddite, but no one is going to be hacking my Xterra's ignition over the internet. I remember when car thieves had pride in their work, you had to actually slimjim a door and pop an ignition cylinder; you couldn't just download some script off the Interwebz to steal a car!

Excuse me, I need to go stand on my front lawn in my underwear and shout at clouds.
The problem is not the technology, but the lack of security applied to it. If the various device makers would put a lock on the door, it would keep the honest people honest.
The problem is not the technology, but the lack of security applied to it. If the various device makers would put a lock on the door, it would keep the honest people honest.
The problem is exactly the technology. You cannot secure computers, it’s impossible. And in case of cars hacking one car will give you keys to all others that use that system. Having everything connected to the internet also makes abslolutely no sense.
P.S. Least you think I’m a luddite I’ve been in IT (professionanlly) for roughly 15 years

No wait, that's It in the background.

Man pleads guilty to stalking and controlling ex-girlfriend's car with his computer

The court heard the mechanic had made a "concerted attempt" to monitor his ex-partner's movements both by "physical covert surveillance" and "review of data".

It was also revealed he had helped his victim to buy a Land Rover and as a consequence had access to the vehicle's VIN, which allowed him to set up the app.

Unbeknownst to the victim, the app sent him live information about her movements to his email account and enabled him to remotely control the car.

More at the link.
I heard recently that there’s no way to turn off Tesla’s data connection. Well, that’s crap. What if I don’t want stuff switched on and off at will?

hopefully there’s a fuse that can be pulled that hasn’t been found yet...


If the cellular antenna is separate from AM/FM radio, I wonder if there is there a way to access the antenna and break it or disconnect or create some major interference to keep it from connecting.
You'd probably have to physically disconnect the cell antenna - and say goodbye to your GPS and a most other features.