All your cars are belong to us

It makes sense, you have a car that's easily stolen and being specifically targeted; insurance is all about risk management and every company has cars they won't insure either because the potential loss is too high, the owner is too risky a bet, or because of where the car is in relation to crime numbers. Progressive has decided that they can't afford to insure these vehicles because they can't keep paying for theft recoveries several times a year.
Ask pretty much anyone who works with data and they will tell you is crazy easy to de-anonymize data if you know just a few parameters of the subject.
For anyone with a Honda or Nissan car, it was possible for a hacker with a laptop to unlock or start their vehicles, locate them and raid personal data stored inside, cybersecurity researchers warned on Wednesday. They could even honk the horn.
That's a lot in a short space of time, so bad.

Hackers Gained Access to California’s Digital License Plates​

Web developers exposed weaknesses that could have compromised real-time location tracking and private ownership info.
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That's it, from now on I'm wiring a Claymore under the driver's seat that has to be disarmed via secure code and biometrics otherwise it will launch the atomized remains the the thief through the sun roof and into the belly of passing aircraft 100 meters down the road.

Who the hell goes to this kind of trouble to steal a Hyundai?! I could kind of understand it when all it took was a USB cable and breaking some plastic trim for a joy ride - but this? For a Hyundai?!
The Cyber podcast mentioned in the article is worth a listen