Alpha Wolf EV pickup


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Sep 6, 2008
Michigan USA

Mix 1 part 1980s Toyota Pickup and 1 part Nissan IDx - and that's not a bad thing. I'd love one, but I suspect these guys are going to be next on Hindenburg Group's takedown list - everything is just a render and nothing about this design looks like it will meet DOT or EuroNCAP requirements.
This pickup and also the Alpha Ace coupé look just plain awesome. Unfortunately, they're just renders. The company website stinks of being nothing more than a hot air startup with nothing substantial behind it.

One thing though: If those vehicles are ever made, they will most certainly not have these oldschool flares. That's just too cool to be real.
Wonder what type of volume they plan
Unsurprising, but disappointing none the less.
I am not sure if I like it. The bumper looks unique and I like the lighting setup.
So no powertrain, no interior, and quite a few small issues to be expected with going straight to outsourced production from CAD without a prototype, preproduction, and other development steps.

I'm still calling it vaporware until trucks are delivered to customers.
Their website says production to start 4th quarter 2023. I wish them luck, but like you, think there's a good chance they won't make it to that point.

Is that when the cyber truck is going to start as well? :D
Probably, but it's extremely ugly, so who cares?
I'm making a joke that the time frame is far enough away that people will forget when the scheduled date is missed.
Is that when the cyber truck is going to start as well? :D
If the Wolf makes it to production it will be a far more usable truck than the Cybertruck.
With a name like that, it will sell so well with the bros. :D

But I like how it looks.