Alphabetical Conversation


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Apr 24, 2006
East-Timor, USA
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Had this idea for a while and then noticed another forum (yes those do exist amazingly) also had it. So why not start it here?

Premise is simple. Ask questions, answer questions, make philosophical statements, cry and weep and vent out your frustrations but Be alphabetical.

1. You must start your sentence with the letter that comes after the sentence in the previous post.
2. Try to make it a conversation, ask questions and answer them, but you don't have to.
3. Welcome to spam fest 2009.
4. Don't be lame with X and Z and use Xylophones and Zebras all the time, try and be creative!

To kick things off: Are dogs better than cats as pets?
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Curious, I seem to remember this game from Whose Line Is It Anyway. ;)
Especially when talking in the night.
Give me the chance to write LurkerPatrol you stole my F! :lol:
I think it may be a good idea to hit refresh right before posting...
Just what I thought. But It was too late.
Kinda sucks doesn't it to have typed all that out, only to find out someone else has typed it faster than you?
Like just now I was going to start with a K until Lurker's post popped up.
Quite a bad fail there lambos
Remind me not to hotlink images to avoid Epic Fails.
Surely it's obvious to just use phyrefile or photomajig?