Alphabetical Conversation

Just how many of you remember the arcade?
Lest the one that was here be resurrected. But DarkShark did learn how to cheat
My god the last post on this was 4 years ago
Now you decide to post?
Of course! Why not unearth from shallow construction graves?
Paging Mr. Grave Digger, Grave Digger, please pick up the white courtesy phone.
Ultimately I would love to come back to the old forum days. I'm rewatching old top gear too like it was the mid to late 2000s.
That would be lovely, but how old do you mean?
Very old at this point.
Well then. What shall we talk about?
Zeroing in on a vacation destination for spring 2022, and they definitely won't be on the list.
Australia is a place that I would love to vacation at, is that on your list?