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Am I the only person who hates chrome rims?


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Mar 21, 2004
I think chrome rims are vulgar, overrated, fugly. Everytime on MTV Cribs when the stars show their cars, almost 90% of them got chrome. Especially the blacks (nothing racial implied). Even the white folks are catching on. What's so cool about chrome? Is it because it's 'bling'? Bling my ass.

I'm not a ricer, nor a 'pimp daddy'. Rap, R&B, Hip Hop isn't my cup of tea. So I like the simpler things.
I like them to a certain level, like a normal escalade or range rover with a set of 20's or 22's looks nice... but when they go over the top like the landcruiser, it just gets really ugly
^^ And you think white is the coolest colour for a car... ;-)

I really don't like Chrome wheels...

it depends on the car, on the wheels and on the size of the wheels.
chrome to a certain level on some cars is quite ok, but when its 28inch with some diamonds on the rims, that a bit extreme for me :)
white is nice for jap cars and white goes with everything so why aint that a good judgement, best colors are subjective n e ways so no one is right

black 7's on 24" are nice
Bleh, they pop out on a car, but everybody has them now. I'd rather get rims that are lightweight or perform better.

The only chrome rims I like are a few that are made by the car companies, like BMW, Mercedes, etc. When they are stock with the chrome rims, they look okay at best.
tbh if i had a expensive car i'd get the better lookin than the better performing coz u dont need performace rollin to the mall do u...
I'd chrome any damn thing that's shiny on a nice car, believe that. A black car with chrome details is heat. Look at it this way, you drive an 'enthusiasts' car, you're going to get second looks from car geeks (nothing wrong with that). You drive a car that looks hot, you can scoop up broads like it's nothing.

Impressing the females > Impressing a few males

Also, people have money, I could care less how they spend it. If someone put chrome rims on an Enzo, I wouldn't say "OMG he ruined a rare car".
i was at a ferrari dealership yesterday, they had chrome rims on a 575 :cry:
it was horrible...i hate chrome...
Old cars (70s and earlier) need chrome rims, but not the pimp kinda rims. Other than that I don't like chrome rims :)
I hate chrome as well. I'd rather have silver painted rims. Looks better and don't attract unwanted attention
I thikn it depends on what you put them on. I thik they sometimes suit the old timers well. But with newer cars i think meh.

What they really suit are these things: