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Amatuer Photographer here... comments please


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Jun 4, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
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I just bought a Casio Exilim Z40 digital camera... here are some pics I took of the View from my Parents house in Hong Kong.

If you have any comments on how to improve my photography skills... i would appreciate it

so... yea... comments please

sorry for the mess... I tried to fix it but it didn't work out... Mods can you please help me... I'm not that good with this thing :lol:

EDIT: I set it to infinite focus so I think it is having trouble focusing on the trees in the front... anyone know what I can do?
^ I cleaned up your code for you. BBCode is case sensitive, so instead of typing something like 'URL', type 'url'. :)

About the photographs: They are nice pictures, but you need to focus on something. The landscape is quite beautiful, but for the picture to be interesting there needs to be something for the viewer to focus on. You can do that either through cropping, playing with focus, color etc. If you have a decent zoom, you could focus on one of the ships for example. The time of day you took it at might not be the greatest either - the lighitng really accentuates the haze in the sky. You might be able to clean that up in Photoshop, but it might be better to take a picture earlier in the morning or later at night. Nice work though. :)
yea... I took it at about 10 in the morning... I'm gna try 1 more by focusing on something and post it in here in abt 10 mins :D
Well nothing to gain in terms of image quality here, I suppose. My advice to you would be: try to pick more specific subjects for photographing. Focus on WHAT you're trying to put on the picture, then start expermenting with HOW you're gonna do it.
I mean, the view from your parents' house is frigging awesome by my standards (is there good rock-climbing in Hong Kong? :D ), but there's no real science in taking pictures of it. What helps when you try to do these wide shots is put something in the foreground to give it some perspective.
You might want to take a few steps back and put the edges of the window on the pic too, so it has better perspective and immediately tells the viewer what the picture is all about.

Making good pictures is all about spotting interesting things. You could have a picture that is technically perfect (lighting, focus, everything) but is just too damn boring to look at. I personally like to have action in my pics, people doing stuff or expressing something.


Here's one from a recent trip to Italy :D This picture is not perfect (mind you, very clouded that day, I had to choose between underexposing the climber, risking a blurred picture or too much noise) but it does have action.

I'm off to bed now, before I start posting too much blabber :lol: