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Amazing Race 7


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Dec 3, 2004
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Well, interesting 2-people teams. I still can't decide who to go for but it seems a gay couple could be a winner......again.

The mother/son team also looks quite strong.

Overall though I enjoyed this 2-hour first episode. It should be a good race. I was hoping the guys that got eliminated would go on for a bit. Oh well.
Kudos on starting the thread. I missed it last night, but I'm going to download it tonight so that I can provide my thrilling commentary.

Let's pick out top 3 teams. 8)
I just watched it... was about to start the thread :D ... I'm going for either Rob & Amber or the 2 blondies... erm Heidi and something... c'mon people... place your guesses here
My prediction:

1) Lynn and Alex
2) Brian and Greg
3) Susan and Patrick (gone) :(

Edited on March 27, 2005

All three of my teams are still in. Brian and Greg almost were elminated. I though Lynn and Alex were hilarious at the market, "bitches" :lol:

Every scale is different. Heidi and Megan did get knocked out according to your prediction UKD. :)
I love how Rob and Amber are so devious - Stealing taxis, getting cops to show them where things are, convincing other teams that they can't finish a challenge - they are my heroes.

What do you think about 4 pounds of meat? I'll eat 2 pounds of meat and a plate of rice for dinner sometimes and I'm only 175 pounds.
I could have done it. Especially on the third episode. I'd be hungry as hell. I love meat.

Looks like the chicks are falling out of this game. Although big ups to Debbie for finishing the 4 pounds. Only female to finish it.
Good show. Rob and Amber were great.

One of my picks is gone :(
I've been so busy the past few days I haven't even had time to watch last-weeks one let alone this weeks....