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amazingly cool hyundai!


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May 26, 2004
hong kong

hot damm!
VERY sexy. They say this is a concept for the new Coup? / Tiburon / Tuscani. If it looks like this, I might just consider a Hyundai for my next car...
yeah if this is cheap i'll get it in black and debadge it. big loud twin exhuasht, nice small lip kit.
looks like a huuuge Nissan 350 Z

To me it looks like Nissan 350Z either... Maybe with a little bit more curved shape...

Sadly no Hyundays can ever be cool :D if it would be nissan, toyota or any other - it would be cool, but no, Hyundai - never! :mrgreen:

can say no more about it
andyhui01 said:
the only part that makes the car look funny is the hyundai badge on the grill :lol:

^^^very true, but it does have the looks. We'll have to wait and see about the performance.
meh - I'm not impressed, looks like a lemon :/

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