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American Idol 4


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Jun 4, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
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ok people... place your guesses...

Mine are:
Lindsey Cardinale
Carrie Underwood
and the guy who looks like fat joe
theres something called BT jos... you should d/l it... this is the part where it gets interesting... I just started watching it last week
Haha I should download episodes of Idols? :lol:

I don't even download other series of movies, haven't got the time to watch it...

Not really interested in those fake people.. :? ;)
Jostyrostelli said:
We don't have Idols here Yay! :thumbsup:

you lucky lucky man, I wish we didn't have this shite as well ;) (sorry andyhui01)
We have our share of Idols :puke: . Thank god for cable, so I can see anything else.
Originally I liked constantine's style, but I think he was putting it on. I'm rooting for Anwar.
Christ we have Aus Idol, American idol & Aus X-Factor all on the same network
during the year! :?
I used to like em but after about the 10th series you start to get bored :lol:
I havnt payed close attension to idol this year however on a recent promo for a
recent episode, I saw ryan seacrest chuck water or sumfin at Cowell...why did that
happen in the end?
Simon nailed seacrest. Not sure exactly what was said, but in the criticism of one of the contestants...simon referred to her as the "musical equivalent of ryan seacrest"...it all looks good, but when you get on stage or sing...it's disappointing. The chemistry between the judges and the judges with the host is amazing, very natural
america idol is a waste of time....just get them a bloody contract...and we'll listenm to the radio to see if it is anygood
Ah the first few episodes of each series are entertaining because you get to see all the really crap people crying and begging to go through and then when they're still told no they run off and start insulting the judges and saying that they know nothing about music.