Anagram game.

Lightning Count

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Jun 27, 2009
Simple rules.

Post two or more words (can use made up words or people names for extra difficulty)that make up one word, no ridiculously long or complicated scientific, medicine names, chemical compounds or engineering terms allowed. Whoever figures it out earns an e-cookie and the right to go next.

So here goes, figure this out:

Brunels Mountain.
New rule, using wordsmith or any other similar website of the sort is not allowed.

OK LP, make it a good.
Going to do this manually instead of using the anagramathon5000.

trim lace ego
Limbago- no it doern't use all the letters.

Glacier - same as above.
You got the starting letter right with the second guessed word.
Damnit I was on the right track and then ended up searching out of desperation.

I'm not going to guess since I technically cheated, but it's a great one! Good choice.
Since no-one has guessed it so far: Anthropomorphic
nii counts tidy

And I think a 1 day time limit should work for an upper limit. 12 hours also works.