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Also known as "Myke Hunt"
Mar 14, 2005
The North American Foundry
2014 Volkswagen Jetta
Ok, here's what my sick mind came up with :
Here I am getting bored on a saturday night, I had no better thing to do, so I found some angrams on the net, liked them, and tried to anagram the words "Final Gear".
Here's what I came up with: (only the good ones included)
Fair Angel
Fair Angle
Anger Fail
Align Fear
Anal Grief :shock:
A finer lag
fail range
grain flea
if real, nag!
fling area :lol:
Lag in fear
A large fin
Rag in flea

If you have any to add to this, or other words for that matter, please post them here.
And to help you with your search for anagrams, go to
www.anagramgenius.com They give you their server thing for free, or you can download the trial version of their software, but be aware, it only allows for 10 anagrams, use it wisely.

Edit : some other good finds
jostyrostelli - jolliest story; jolly sore tits
vladmitu - vital mud, dim vault, I'm dual TV
Renesis - I sneers
I'll try some more names.
jostyrostelli - jolliest story; jolly sore tits

HAHAHAHAHA :lol: :lol: :lol:

It's my new MSN screenname from now on! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

And btw, fix your link it's anAgrams.. ;)
Its quite possible to get a *full* version of the prog...

For my real Name, as Buba doesn't offer that many possibilities...

Empaling brattiness
Benign, alarmist pest
Neat glibness armpit
Neat bliss tampering

and so on...

Why wouldn't you... And it surley not your point to judge if somebody might need it or not...
Plus: Just by playing with it for 5 min, I was over the 10 times trial shit...

I also did jeremy Clarkson:
Comely, saner jerk
Merry clean jokes
Jerk mealy censor

Richard Hammond:
Harm in odd charm
Man! Harm odd rich
Horrid CH madman

James May:
Jammy sea
Jam say me

So, altogether quite boring...
Since my nick would be of no use, I gave it a try with my real name. I don't know what I should think about the results. :lol:
my name henrik staib anagrams to
This break-in

jensked said:
Axl Rose (singer of Guns 'n Roses) -> Anal Sex

Axl Rose has an R in it as well as an O. Anal Sex has neither. Anal Sex also has 2 A's and a N which Axl Rose does not have.

Or am I missing something.
well, I'm not supposed to be saying this, but I've got a crack for it ... if any of you guys want to use the trial version for more than 10 times.
Oh, and I fixed the link, thanks.