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Angelina or Jennifer

Angelina or Jennifer

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Not A Dude
Dec 22, 2005
Who do you prefer and why?






I am not sure why this topic interests me. I guess in part I find that people either LOVE Angelina or completely loath her and (as a person who LOVEs her) I find it interesting to see what people have to say. Jennifer is just the natural choice as competition in this sort of poll.

For me it is Angelina all the way. :love: There are many Jennifer's in this world, but Angelina is very unique in looks and in attitude. She is sexy, a bit crazy (adds to the sexy), a caring mom (as far as we can tell), and loves doing charitable work. I can see Jennifer's appeal in the 'girl next door' kind of way, though.

(For the record I tried finding a good picture of Jennifer, but had a hard time. That once doesn't do her justice IMO, but I could not find a better one in large format. Feel free to post better ones of her if you have them. If you have any other great pics of Angelina post them too.)
Jennifer all the way!! She is just... oooohh

+ in all honesty I couldn't handle Angelina :oops:
I gotta go with Jennifer Aniston. She'd be more loyal and less likely to screw around. LOL....Don't get me wrong, Angelina Jolie is super hot....I just prefer Jennifer Aniston (for like the past 10 years or so)
my current desktop, don't need to say more i think


It's not even a contest. Angelina all the way.

Jen is freaking annoying, churning out mediocre romantic comedies like it's going out of style.
Good thread!

I simply love Angelina... I have her on my "3 Celebrities I am allowed to do" List.
^ Which celebrities aren't you allowed to do? Ethan Hawke? ;)
jensked said:
BlaRo said:
Jen is freaking annoying, churning out mediocre romantic comedies like it's going out of style.

And Tomb Raider was a piece of art? :)
Never saw it, but Mr. and Mrs. Smith was terrific. So that's gotta count for something.

Guns > feelings.

She immediately caught my eye when I first saw her in Foxfire.
Obviously beautiful, mysterious and not quite the girl next door type, but she doesn't appear elitist like most supermodels and other actresses do to me.

If she were to ask me to run off a cliff, I'd probably do it. (with a smile on my face) :blush:
Angelina breathes out sex, Jennifer boredom. Unfair comparison in fact. Jen might be a good girl, but in her leage.
hrm its a tough decision... Gut feeling says both...

but in all honesty, i'd probably take Angelina. I prefer the mystery over girl next door. I would much rather have a wildcat than a housecat, or a wolf instead of a chihuahua.
jensked said:
rrrrr Jennifer...she's not entirely perfect of course, but that makes her so beautiful.

Angelina has something strange in her face. I don't know what it is, but there's something :)

Why do you wanna know? You are a girl...planning an operation and doing some field research or so? :p

Well, mostly because I just can't see why a guy would pick Jenny over Angie. Angelina seems like the woman for a hot fantasy. And, like I said earlier, I always find the extreme veiws on Angelina interesting.

I know of plenty of straight girls who would turn lezzie for Angelina :whistle: but none for Jennifer. That said, I know plenty of girls who completely detest Angelina. Jennifer does not seem to provoke that extreme reaction. Angelina plainly has something that Jennifer does not, which provokes stronger reactions in people.